Saturday, April 12, 2008

Lawn Mower Workout

I made a comment the other day on Elizabeth's blog. Her blog was basically giving you simple ideas to burn more calories and one of her ideas was to mow your lawn and try to spend an hour doing so. Read it here. There are some great tips.

In my comment I may have LOL'd about my 10' x 10' patch of lawn and how silly I would look if I tried to spend an hour mowing it.

When the hubs left for work today he left me with a threat: Uncle K may be stopping by today.

Uncle K is the original owner of this home.

I did an initial scan of the house, decided it was clean enough and then I walked outside.

*cue horror flick music*

My lawn was like seven inches tall! Oh, for shame. How embarrassed was I going to be if he saw the grass lookin' all ghetto like that????

So I dug out the lawn mower from the shed and got to work. I did the back yard first, since that is where the shed is, DUH! And then I headed out front to finish before Uncle K arrived. Half way through my chore the fricken lawn mower died. Dead. It ran out of juice.

What was I to do?

I have a complex about asking neighbors to borrow their lawn mowers. When we lived in Gonzales our landlord was one of our neighbors, and after living in the house for a few weeks and not owning a lawn mower we finally went and asked him if we could borrow his lawn mower. Ya know what he said? NO. He said he has a thing about letting people borrow his lawn mower, he won't even let his own brother borrow it...I just want to say that other than that he was a super great and really nice guy and I would totally rent from him again. Anyways, luckily one of our other neighbors was sweet enough to let us borrow hers.

Sorry, I digress.

I went next door and asked my neighbor Dennis if I could borrow his. Dennis is a sweet, meek, humble, retired single man. Aunt K and Uncle K just adore him and have adopted him into the family. I was still scared he was going to say no, but thankfully Aunt K is a spicy little woman who put the fear of God in him, and he said yes.

He goes out to the garage and loans me this:

Wow! That was hard work, but hey Elizabeth, I think I managed to do like you said and mow the lawn for an hour. I know, I might be too proud of myself, but you also have to remember that it is pretty hot in Sacramento. As of right now it is 84 degrees outside. So I was sweating good by the time I was done. Anyone who has never used one of these mowers should want to know that they are not that hard to push...unless you have grass that is seven inches tall. Hmph. That oughtta teach me for letting my grass grow so long, huh!

Riss wanted to try it, too. She is much cuter than me, so here is a picture of her.

A couple more outdoor things...remember when I planted pink jasmine in my planter bed a few weeks ago? It is dying. I have been watering it. It is in full sun like the tag recommends and I have no idea what is wrong with it. It is dying a slow death. Actually they both are. (I bought two). I am at an impasse. Should I pull them up out of the ground and return them to Home Depot? Or is there a way to save them? Anyone?

I added a friendly gnome to the planter, too. Apparently one of the neighborhood cats hates him. There used to be flowers all around him and his feet were above the ground, but this cat has been coming around digging up my allysum and slowly burying my gnomey friend. And probably pooping in my flowers. Damn cat.

Like it is with most of the projects I take on around the house I forgot to take before pictures, so again, please forgive me. Probably since the beginning of time the step to get into the house has been 9 inches off the ground. Plus the threshold thingy. So like 10 1/2 inches, really. People notice it. Everyone notices it. The cable guy remembered coming to our house a few years ago to install cable, yeah, because of the step. He kept telling me he had been here before and then he finally pinpointed remembering it by the size of the step.
That was the last straw, so look at what I built. OK, OK, the hubs helped, but really he just pushed the mortar into the cracks. I did most of it. Ask him. He will agree. I told him to agree. Hehe.

So anyways, that is some of the stuff I have been up to lately. When the weather is warm what kind of things do you do?


Fussy said...

I broke a sweat just reading what all you did.

That mower? LOL!

mamikaze said...

Ha! That's funny. Always check your gas tank before you begin mowing.
I am thinking you may be overwatering your jasmine. Look up your local master gardeners. They love to help.

Elizabeth said...

That push mower is brilliant! LOL!!!! I love it!!
Yes, I am actually that sadistic!