Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mom Blogs

Something is missing in my blogroll.

Can you guess what it is?

Seattle mommies have one.

Washington DC mommies have one.

Chicago mommies have one.

Where is the


Am I just not looking in the right place?

Are there any bloggy Mommies from the Sacramento area?

Anyone care to look into this for me?


Elizabeth said...

Ah, California.
I miss you so.
I grew up in Vacaville.
My little sister (who, in actuality, is taller than me) lives in Sacramento. Well... at least that what her address is... but I think she's actually in Natomas.
Maybe YOU should start that blog your looking for?

Grandy said...

Holy Crap!! Is Mrs. F. in SACRAMENTO?? I WORK in Sacramento and live outside. OMG!! I'm not technically savvy enough to organize a club...but we HAVE to hook up for lunch someday. ;)

Mrs. F said...

OMG Grandy. I am so excited to learn that there is someone else out there from Sacramento. I am not techy enough to start that blog either. I might look into it someday though...