Friday, April 4, 2008

NKOTB and a Tale of the Olden Days

Be still my heart.

Get a hold of yourself woman. You are married...with children.

I know I am not the only one in the blogoshpere who is ridiculously excited today. Did you all catch the Today Show this morning? I missed it, but I googled what I was looking for.

Yes, my aged 25-40 year old bishes. They're back.


I jumped up and down like a love-struck school girl watching them introduce themselves, you know, for the stupid people that have no idea who they are.

Can you even believe it?

I know. This is amazing.

I announced at dinner the other night that if they were in fact going on a tour that I would be going. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Here is my traumatizing story of why:
When I was in the 7th grade my mom bought me a ticket to their concert as a Christmas gift. I was stoked. Stoked I tell you. My BFF, Mo, got the seat next to mine as a gift from her Mom. One night I was lying in bed reading. It was after my bed time, lights were supposed to be out and I was hiding under the covers with a flash light READING. Let me repeat that.


My step-dad (my Mom's now ex-husband) came in and caught me. I was grounded for a couple weeks and my precious tickets were taken away. A piece of my childhood was stolen. Obviously I still have issues about this, because I can barely see the keypad through my tears.

I WAS FUCKING READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A couple of months later I was snooping around in my Moms room (not really looking for anything, I just always liked to poke around in stuff) and I found my book under her dresser with my NKOTB concert ticket inside of it. I showed it to my Mom and she became very upset for me. She had no idea where that was hiding. She looked everywhere for it she told me. She is still, to this day, very upset that I missed out on that concert, as am I. She would have snuck me out of the house to get to that concert, I am sure. I wonder if her jerk off ex husband remembers that. I know he is a changed man. I wonder if I could get him to buy me tickets to the next concert. I think I have learned my lesson by now.


Elizabeth said...

New Kids on the Block was my FIRST EVER concert. I bullshit you not.
Apparently I thought they had The Right Stuff. And I hoped Joey would tell me Please Don't Go Girl but that never happened.
So who was your fav New Kid? If memory serves I had a brief thing for Joey. OHMIGAWD that was forever ago!!!

Mrs. F said...

It was supposed to be my first concert, too.

My favorite New Kid? It was always a toss up between Joey and Jonathan.

The Bjurstrom Family said...

You are so funny!!!!! Hey I wanted to to let you know that returned the favor and "tagged" you on a new post on my blog. Check it out!!!! You can take 2 months to answer this one, like I did on the on eyou sent me:)

The Bjurstrom Family said...

Check this out and it might help you with how to change your blog if you still wanted help.

Rachel said...

I want to say I got into them but I was busy with Led Zepplin and Floyd. But they were cute.

followthatdog said...

Not NKOTB fan myself, I think I was too old, *Sob*, but your ex-step-dad sounds like an asshole. I say you get him to buy the ticket for you.

mamikaze said...

the tragedy, the horror! I'm crying,too. let's hope you get tickets this time so you'll have a chance to heal.

Niki said...

You are too funny!


Gosh, how I used to love Jordan! (swoon) said...

OMG! I think it rules that New Kids On The Block has Reunited! NKOTB was always one of my favorite bands!
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