Monday, April 7, 2008


Saturday was ridiculously busy.

I am not exaggerating.

It is all my fault. I have no idea how to say no to my friends.

So we ended up going to three kids parties on Saturday.

Yeah, I said three.

First party was for Miss Riss only. It was a princess party and the girls wore their costumes. Cal and I went to the store while all that girly nonsense was going on. Riss had so much fun. All the girls from her old preschool class were there.

The second party was for one of my friends daughters. Water was involved. Water guns, water balloons, and a slip n slide. And Cal in his boot. Yup, it got soaked. And he left his regular shoe at their house. I did not realize that until party number three though.

By the time the third party rolled around I was exhausted from party hopping.

But give me a shot of Jager and I pipe right up.

I am a sucker for drunk jumping. Actually I am kidding. I was not drunk. But I do love to jump, jump, jump.

Thanks Sarah. This next one is such a great shot. I look injured... or pained by my double chin. Whatev. I was landing a flip.

Sarah and I were shiny happy people holding hands. And jumping, seeing how high we could bounce each other. Are you wondering where the kids were? Yeah we kicked 'em out. So?

This has to be my favorite shot. Mo fell and the side of the jump house caved down, so that she was actually lying with her back on the ground. I, being the good friend that I am, tried to help her out. I was reaching for her and she was on her back like a cockroach. It was hilarious, but I was still trying to help her. One of the men thought that it would help her get out of her predicament if they turned off the power, you know, to let some air out or something. I leaped out of that jump house so fast no one knew what was going on. Cause yeah, like I said, I am such a good friend. Except, of course, when I think that a jump house is caving in on me. Then, apparently, it is for each her own. Cause, yeah, I was gone, leaving Mo to wriggle her way out on her own. Can you say claustrophobic? I had no choice but to get out of there. Here is the pic of Mo on her back.

Crista made a brief appearance, but could not stay sincce she was on-call for the night. I have not seen Crista in soooooo long. It was so nice to see her again. We had to get a shot of the four of us together. Crista is the one in the yellow shirt with the awesome hair. So it is me, Crista, Sarah, and Mo. I just said Crista four times. Oops, now five.

In between all that jumping I was starving. There was a bowl of regular tortilla chips. Sarah added Hint of Lime tortilla chips on top of the regular chips. I much prefer the limey ones, so this is a picture that we like to call Selective Chipping. I had to make sure that I was getting the right chips. That is important, ya know!

So today I have one singular Sketcher to pick up from Neechee's house. Not bad. At least I remembered to bring the kids home, cause by looking at all of the pictures above you would have thought that I had no kids in tow, huh!


Elizabeth said...

Great pics! I'm sure it would take liquor to get me through 3 back to back kids parties. Holy moly!

minijonb said...

Jager shots?!? ewww... not even with Red Bull can I drink that stuff anymore.

Rachel said...

You have such a great smile. Also, I do the same thing with chips. I love chips so much. I could eat them for every meal. You look like you had so much fun.

~Billie~ said...

OMG! Great pics! Looks like so much fun. Again... so jeaous that you guys can enjoy some water play. It was snowing here today! Yuck!