Friday, May 30, 2008

Happiest Happy Birthday Ever Little Big Man

Oh mah gawsh. I can hardly even believe that my little big man is 6 years old today. Seems like it was just a few weeks ago that he was born. I remember being in the hospital the night after he was born and waking up and having to go to the nursery to hunt him down. When I got there I told the nurses that I was looking for my baby, because he had been gone for too long. They told me to relax because I was going to have at least the next 18 years with him and that they would bring him back shortly. I NEEDED him right then though, more than I had ever needed anything in my whole life!

At one month old he had a message for the camera man...

A few months later he brightened my life a little more with the sweet sounds of his laughter. That sound still melts my heart. I still tickle him just to hear that sweet noise escape his body.

3 Months Old, Such a Stud already!

Just weeks after the giggling, he learned how to roll over. This is one of the more unfortunate events in my early mommyhood, since he was on top of my king sized bed when he learned this new trick. I was in the same room, but was about five feet away switching the laundry from the washer to the dryer and I saw it out of the corner of my eye-it was the slowest slow-motion event I had ever witnessed. Lucky boy though, his brains were not rattled from falling off our bed, and he is now the smartest Smarty McSmartpants ever (in my completely unbiased opinion, of course)!

This year he did a million things, some of the highlights-He:
broke his foot
learned how to ride a bike
lost a couple teeth
started school
finished his first year of school
And we kinda think he even got his first girlfriend

Playing house with Trisha ;)

Goodbye Kindergarten

So to my dear Son-shine:
You light up my life and six years ago today my world changed. You made me a completely different person and I am so happy that you and God chose me to be your Mommy. You are sweet, kind, passionate, chivalrous, caring, polite, and I am pretty sure that you have the best manners of any six year old out there. Your heart is bigger than most, too, as you are so loving, always there to give those tight squeezy bear hugs that you are so good at.

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday Dear Caleb!
Happy birthday to you!!!!

With all my Love,

Your Momma
P.S. In year seven can we stop fighting with sissy? kthx.

Ugh, am I the only Mommy that totally chokes up when I hear the birthday song being sung to my child? I swear, it gets me every time!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dear Time; Please Slow Down

Cal's first day of Kindergarten!!

Today is one for the blog. For sure!

My little man just graduated from Kindergarten. Alright, alright, I know it is not technically a graduation, but still...very exciting!!!!

They sang us some songs and our hearts melted. Then we got to watch a movie made up of all of the pictures taken throughout the school year. Wow, what a year it has been.

At one point in the ceremony Cal's teacher asked each student to come up and tell everyone what they want to be when they grow up. Lots of doctors, teachers, and truck drivers, and two pharmacists...Sorry for the crappy video quality, but it is still pretty cute.

After all the cuteness we all went back to the classroom for some grub. While in the classroom we also received a Memory Book of things our special little person has done throughout the school year. It is neat to see something as small as the difference in how he writes his name now as compared to the first day of school.

Tomorrow is the last day of school and we are going on a walking field trip to the park, but there is something even more significant going on in our house tomorrow. He will be 6. And we are excited, but kinda wishing time would slow down a little bit. More on the little big man tomorrow.

Friday, May 23, 2008

1986 Bronco for Sale, Please Send Me Bullshit Emails

What do you think about this?

Here is the deal: I listed our Bronco for sale on craigslist and got a response this morning...

Is this item still on there for sale?

Chris Baileys."

So I respond...

"Yes, the bronco is still for sale. Do you have any questions? Would you like to come see it?"

I just get a response back from a man with the same name, but instead of the original email address, it has now changed, for example, what used to be is now Barely noticeable, right? So anyways, this email reads:

Thanks for your positive response and i will make an outright payment for this item.
I will need your name and address to send check and will also have my mover pick up from your location as soon as we're done with payment.

Chris Baileys."


Does this guy think that I have stupid moron written across my forehead?

What should be my response?


I have so many little things going on lately, but nothing really blogworthy! Maybe the warm weather is melting my bloggy brain cells or something.

Some random things that are going on:

I am planning a party for my almost 6 year old. I invited his whole class thinking maybe 3 or 4 kids would come. So far they have all said yes. WTH?

I am making taquitos for lunch. Yum.

I did the whole Tae Bo with Billy Blanks workout last night when I used to only be able to do 18 minutes out of the 44. I rock. I think the taquitos might be deleting the calories I burned last night though.

My sister-in-law called me yesterday to tell me she lost her mucous plug. I just called her back to find out the status of her uterus, but got an answering machine. She has had her 3 previous babies the same day she lost her plug...patiently waiting...

My brother is in town from Seattle and has a teeny tiny window where I can see him tomorrow morning at 8:48am. Or something. It might be my fault cause I hafta work.

I am hostessing a Passion party at my house on June 7th and I am worried about the outcome. Or maybe I am worried that my friends now officially know that I am a total perv. Wanna come? Um, I mean to the party, you perv!

We dug up all the grass in the backyard last week and now there is just dirt in a huge portion of the backyard. I am going to be pissed if it is still dirt on the day of Cal's party. Hubs promised concrete though.

Someone in this house is lucky that we do not have ants, because I found this under the bathroom sink when I went to get a roll of TP. I made these cupcakes 2 weeks ago.

I have no idea what kind of spider this was, but it looked hairy like a tarantula, but it was only about an inch all the way around. If you know what it is please tell me. It was on my ceiling and I was safraid it was going to fall onto my head and kill me.

Cal walked by me when I was digging at this point and said "Hey, it's an 'L'. Like in 'love' and 'little', and 'liar'. Humph. I heart his smart ass.

Mostly though we have been doing a lot of this:

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Stop Being Sucky


I had stuff to say.

Fleeting thoughts...

Anyone on twitter? I need more people to follow, but I definitely need more people following me, you know, to hear my stupid random thoughts (if, you know, I can ever get back on there again. They seem to be down a lot).

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

I have been a bad, bad meal planner lately. Guh.
The weather has been more and more beautiful with each passing day (although I could live without the 103 degree days) and this is the time of year when my meals become more and more simple.

I have made out a meal plan...time will tell if I can stick to it or not. I am a "whatever" cook when I overheat.

Monday~ Pot Roast with red potatoes and green beans

Tuesday~ Spaghetti with bread and salad

Wednesday~ Ham steak with mashed potatoes and mixed veggies

Thursday~ Fish sticks with french fries and green beans

Friday~ Salad with grilled chicken breast and reduced fat Feta cheese

Saturday~ No dinner plan...Kids are with my Mom while hubs and I are both working

Sunday~ Teriyaki chicken with steamed rice and stir fry veggies

For breakfast we have eggs, oatmeal, toast, or cereal.

For lunches we have tuna or ham sandwiches, soup, and other crap.

For more creative menu plan ideas go see Laura at I'm an Organizing Junkie.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Twin

Remember this post, where I talked about my twin?

I was able to catch the particular episode of What Not To Wear starring Catherine K. again, and this time I was camera ready. The pictures you are about to see do no justice, but I know some of you are still pretty curious to see what I think I look like.

Some of you that know me in real life are going to be freaked out. I was and so was my Mom.

I am Never Talking Again

We'll see about that, huh!

His sissy took the same vow...

I love my kids. They make me laugh every day.

**Ignore the fact that we were in Taco Bell. It was Mother's Day and I was not cooking.**

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Useful Information

In case you want to know how far it is from one side of Highway 50 to the other side...

I am pretty sure there is a sign in Ocean City, MD that tells you the distance to Sacramento. At one time the two signs were different, the one in Sacramento saying that the distance was 3037 miles. Some n00bs at the sign factory made an 00ps, I suppose.

Happy Wordless Wednesday. For more participants go here.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Make Me Laugh Monday

Welcome to my very first time participating in Make Me Laugh Monday, cause who couldn't use an extra laugh on Monday morning?

This chick cracks me up. EVERY.TIME.

For more Make Me Laugh Monday participants head on over to Absolutely Bananas.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Planning Ahead

I know that this sounds lame, but I am about to tell you the main reason why I am so happy to be working again. Try not to cringe.

I feel like a real person when I work. A person whose opinion matters. I also feel like I am a contributing member to society and stuff, too. And when I say that I love my job, it is not a lie. I really do LOVE my job.

Not to mention that I am contributing to our bank account, too. I started taking an active interest in our family's money last night and made a plan.

Guess what?

The plan sucks.

We are going to try to pay off our debt this year. And next year, cause yeah, it is going to take that long.

And then?

We are going to try to stack up enough cash to have six months worth of our bills in savings. I have no idea how well this plan is going to work, but for right now we are going to run with it. And if we only ever have even one months worth of bills in our savings, then we are still better off than we are now.

So that is the boring shit I have been up to lately. That and working. Trying to make scrills, or however I can say that in a ghetto way...

To make up for the boringness of this post here is a funny pic-cha. Click it to see the whole thing.

more cat pictures

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Monday, May 5, 2008

You Wanna Piece Of Me?


We all know I am a little crazy, right?


So this morning I was taking my little man to Kindergarten and we were driving real slow in our grossly huge moving target truck and this little boy, probably 8 years old, winds up his arm and threw something at the moving target my truck.

Oh man, I was pissed. There were no cars behind me, so I flipped the truck in reverse like a madwoman gentlewoman and lined myself up with the child.

Me: *growling*You just threw something at my truck!

Him: *Deer in the headlights.*

Me: Did your Mom teach you to do that (it was all I could come up with at the time, obviously I know that his mother does not condone this behavior)??

Him: No.

Me:*fuming-there may have been steam escaping my ears*

Him: Sorry.

Me: Don't let me catch you doing that EVER AGAIN. To me or anyone else. I will tell your Mom next time!

Him: *Deer in the headlights again.*

I had to tell Cal that it was not OK to throw things at cars (as if he did not know- but I think 5 year olds always need reminders and stuff) and explain to him that he would be punished if I ever caught him doing something like that! I think he was a little shocked though that I reprimanded someone else's child.

Would you have turned back and told the child what you thought if this happened to you?

Friday, May 2, 2008

Blogher 2008

I want to go to Blogher. Pretty desperately, actually.

Why? Why would I want to go?

Because all the cool kids are doing it. Also, it is a kick-ass reason to get a hotel in Union Square. The city rocks.

They are even throwing a party the night before where the libations will be flowing. Everyone who knows me knows that I love me a good par-tay. w00t!
Here is a button for the par-tay that I may, or may not, be attending.

Are you going to Blogher?

Do you want to go to Blogher?

Give me reasons to give the hubs for me to go. C'mon.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

I am Still A Beer Girl

The hubs and I just got home from a romantic getaway to Napa, aka Wine country. Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a fan of wine. It does not mean I did not have a good time in Napa, because I most certainly did. But those free wine tasting passes were lost on me.

On Monday we got into town in time to check in at 4pm, then we went downtown to walk around and find some grub. We ended up having some great beer at a brewery and some super yummy garlic fries for dinner. Afterwards we went to the grocery store and picked up the next days lunch and some Schmirnoff Ice's and ice cream and took them back to our fabulous room.

The living room/ kitchen. Gorgeous, huh!

Tuesday was our seventh wedding anniversary and we spent a portion of our morning listening to timeshare jibber jabber. We are so buying more points when we run into money. Afterwards we went to the Estate Cave, which is on the property of the hotel. We received free wine tasting and some wine dollars (you know, money to spend in the winery) so we sat down at that wine bar and got our drink on! I figured out that I like me some Pinot Blanc, mostly because it tastes like champagne, sans the bubbles, but I prefer champagne.

After the winery we went to the room to do private things, like make sure the bathtub was meant for two.

The room

The bathtub

It was. Then we headed out for some dinner. We had seen on a sign the day before that we could get Tri-Tip dinner for two for $23 or something. I mean, how romantic is dinner that is made for two? Meh. Turns out the restaurant was more like Sizzler than anything else. We walked in and ordered, then picked out our own table and then someone brought us our dinner. I did not mind, but hubs was annoyed to say the least.

Here is me after having dinner (mind you I had been drinking all day at this point.) I am so refined.

Where we ate dinner

All in all we had a good time.

We left on Wednesday morning, got into Sacramento and went straight to Ikea for some kids-free shopping. Good times. I wish we had something to buy, but all we could think of was night lights, a sconce and napkins. Exciting, I know.

I am super behind in my blog reader, so forgive me if I have been less than stellar at commenting and stuff, but I have had way more important exciting things going on.