Friday, May 23, 2008

1986 Bronco for Sale, Please Send Me Bullshit Emails

What do you think about this?

Here is the deal: I listed our Bronco for sale on craigslist and got a response this morning...

Is this item still on there for sale?

Chris Baileys."

So I respond...

"Yes, the bronco is still for sale. Do you have any questions? Would you like to come see it?"

I just get a response back from a man with the same name, but instead of the original email address, it has now changed, for example, what used to be is now Barely noticeable, right? So anyways, this email reads:

Thanks for your positive response and i will make an outright payment for this item.
I will need your name and address to send check and will also have my mover pick up from your location as soon as we're done with payment.

Chris Baileys."


Does this guy think that I have stupid moron written across my forehead?

What should be my response?


The Bjurstrom Family said...

I think you're response should be
"Do I have stupid moron across my forehead." What an idiot!!!

Rebecca said...

Ignore it...

mamikaze said...

"Thanks for your offer but the Bronco has been sold to a Nigerian heiress. She is taking the car as soon as I cash her check.
Next time you should be quicker with your fraudulent replies.

Have a nice day,
Dumb Ass Craigslister"

Elizabeth said...

There's always one in a bunch, isn't there? Just ignore it.

DBN said...

"As long as by check you actually meant cash!"

Craigslist can bring out some interesting characters!

Lisa said...

I love what mamikaze said!!! Go with that. by the way, I totally check out your blog all the time thanks to Franchesca (sorry, I think I spelled it wrong.) Lisa Fisher aka Young

~Billie~ said...

I love Mamikaze's response!! Too funny!

What an idiot.

Mrs. F said...

Mamikaze~ You are hilarious!!

Lisa~I am so happy to hear from you. You have no email address in your blogger profile, do you have a blog? Or perhaps an email address?

DBN~ Your response was laugh out loud funny, too!!

Lisa said...

I have no blog... yet. My email is Crazy, I know, but it works.

Stephanie Klein said...

So funny! The last thing I tried to sell on Craigslist i ended up giving away because I felt sorry for the person.

Sorry I'm not doing a book reading in Sacramento. I think we'd be friends.


Rachel said...

Maybe he wants a mover truck to come to your house and take all your some people are too stupid for words. I do not think it is even worth responding or you could report him to craigslist.

Chris Walker said...

Hey, if he wants to send you a check, let him send you a check (of course, it's highly unlikely he will). But make the address your business address, not your home address.

That's my two cents.

Grandy said...

Ooh Ohh...I wanna play "Finish my line"!!

How about:

Thank you for your positive email, regrettably, since there has been no offer made, I must inform you that our deal is not yet concluded which therefore entitles you to nothing at this time.

Sarah said...

lmao....freakin idiots. How much you sellin it for anyway??

Rachel said...

what happened with the bronco?

Mrs. F said...

Rachel~ It is still here. I actually got a legitimate email about someone wanting to come see it, but not till tomorrow.

Stephanie Klein~ I am totally buying your book and coming to see you in SF just because you commented on my blog. I am now officially swooning.
Also~ I am a giver awayer, too.

Chris~ I agree!

Sarah~ $1000

Grandy~ You are hilarious!

Elizabeth said...

We should absolutely get together while I'm out! My sister essentially lives in Natomas... right near where they are putting up the new housing & stuff. We'll be camping Sunday-Tues, what about a Wednesday lunch or sumptin? :)

minijonb said...

tell him if he can trade you the White Bronco that OJ drove around town, it's his.

Tina Coruth said...

I was thinking along the lines of mamakaze's response. But I suppose the sensible thing would be to ignore it. LOL

I'm glad I stopped by. I clicked over from a link on Grandy's Functional Schmunctional blog.


Queen of Shake-Shake said...

You have to wonder if bored people look to Craiglist just for their kicks.

Mamikaze is funny!

Misguided Mommy said...

so can i tell you that we totally got fucked buying something this way. we totally totally lost a lot of money and fuck the fucking mother fuckers.


okay breathing calming