Thursday, May 8, 2008

Planning Ahead

I know that this sounds lame, but I am about to tell you the main reason why I am so happy to be working again. Try not to cringe.

I feel like a real person when I work. A person whose opinion matters. I also feel like I am a contributing member to society and stuff, too. And when I say that I love my job, it is not a lie. I really do LOVE my job.

Not to mention that I am contributing to our bank account, too. I started taking an active interest in our family's money last night and made a plan.

Guess what?

The plan sucks.

We are going to try to pay off our debt this year. And next year, cause yeah, it is going to take that long.

And then?

We are going to try to stack up enough cash to have six months worth of our bills in savings. I have no idea how well this plan is going to work, but for right now we are going to run with it. And if we only ever have even one months worth of bills in our savings, then we are still better off than we are now.

So that is the boring shit I have been up to lately. That and working. Trying to make scrills, or however I can say that in a ghetto way...

To make up for the boringness of this post here is a funny pic-cha. Click it to see the whole thing.

more cat pictures

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~Billie~ said...

What a funny pic! We need to pay down some bills, as well. One thing I was taught growing up - you need some 'play money' too. That's something I need to work on... Putting some money away for a nice vacation.

Good to hear you love your job! Makes life so much better. =)

Grandy said...

I think the plan you have is a GOOD one! I'm glad you're contributing to society too. ;) No, my son always has gotten a happier Mom when Mom is working. Can't explain why.

Rachel said...

Yeah keeping a budget stinks and doing the responsible adult thing. UGH!

Elizabeth said...

"...A person whose opinion matters."

Are you kidding? My opinion means NOTHING at work. Go figure!

Elizabeth said...

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

dawn224 said...

oh yes. bills. saving. working. oh yes.

instead, I shop. yes. yes. I'm an economy stimulator.