Saturday, August 30, 2008

Tahoe-Tahoe. Tahoe, Tahoe.

Last Thursday we packed up the Tahoe and headed out to Tahoe to go camping. haha, did you see me giggling as I wrote that first sentence. I was. Hysterically. Because it was almost like when you introduce two people with the same name. Apparently I am the only person who thinks this is funny, maybe because my name is so rare and no one ever walks up to me and says, "Paloma, I want you to meet Paloma". The first time I introduced my hubs to a guy with the same name I was all "Josh-Josh, Josh, Josh." And I just kept saying it and they were obviously not as amused as I was.

Anyways--- Tahoe. That is where I was going with this whole blog, no? Every August we get together with our friends and go camping. We always have a good time (DUH, or else we probably would not go back) . This year we were at Camp Richardson, located directly on the Highway (yeah, I am complaining, but I promise that that is my only complaint) in S Lake Tahoe. The nice part about camp Richardson is its beach. Nice sandy beach, beautiful weather. A town bustling with activities.

Tora and Rissa, almost twins

We spent all of Friday afternoon basking in the gorgeous weather of Tahoe. It was so beautiful. Less than 80 degrees out, nice breeze. I swear that weather is so deceiving, as I am now blistering and peeling like nobody's business. Four hours in the Tahoe sun and I was burnt to a crisp. Children, take it from me, always wear sunscreen. Hubs got pretty burnt, too, because he was in the water the whole day, escorting the kids on the kayaks and playing with them. He and I went on a romantical little adventure around the Lake. I swear. Romantical. We went up the beach about a half mile and we were in shallow water, so he decided it would be sweet if he dumped us out. It was. I love him. He did it again when we got back by our shore, too. Such a sweetie pie, he is. Amy and I took the two year olds out, too. That was fun. They were so well behaved and even helped us row. Tora even held my beer for me. (She had to, she was sitting on my drink holder)

My Two Most favoritest Men Kayaking on Lake Tahoe

Rissa, Vin, and Tora
Practicing for the day they can really go out on their own

Returning to shore

They have a pretty long bike trail out there in Tahoe and Saturday we rented bikes (Ours would not fit in the Tahoe, or on top, or even to one of those rear vehicle bike attachment thingy's, since we had the little aluminum fishing boat in tow. So, yeah, we rented bikes for a couple hours, one for me, which had a carriage in the back for little Riss (she wanted a bike with training wheels, but kept pedaling backwards and could not get more than 10 inches before slamming on the brakes), a bike for the hubs, and a bike for Cal. Amy threw her bike in the aluminum boat when we picked it up from her house, so she only had to rent a bike trailer for the twins. We all went on a nice long hour and a half bike ride. You are going to have to take my word for it, since I took absolutely no pictures along the way.

Sunday morning we woke up to talk of a bear. Apparently if we had been awake 30 minutes earlier we would have seen a bear going through one of our ice chests and eating all our ground burger meat. And then just walking away. Whew. If we had been awake 10 minutes earlier, like all the kids were, then we would have seen the bear trotting along a trail very close to our campsite, headed towards us, and then decide to go the other way, cross the highway and disappear into the forest. Yeah, if only I had woken up earlier. Damn ittttt. Cal saw it though, so he can attest to it. I know you are all thinking that maybe I should be a little more freaked out by the bear and the fact that my son could have been eaten by him and what-not, but there were adults with guns awake, so, you know. I'm OK. So is he. 900 pound bears are freakishly huge though, according to the other people at camp...

As we were eating breakfast a hot air balloon flew overhead. Those fliers of hot air balloons must be really good at what they do, because they were practically sitting in the treetops. They were so close that we could hear the people on the basket when they asked us for a cup of coffee. It was pretty cool. The kids always get real excited over stuff like that. (So do I).

So close, and so cool

We packed up and headed home on Sunday. As soon as we walked in the door I threw a load of clothes in the washing machine. Twenty minutes later hubs was asking me where his dark denim shorts were. I was like, "OH, they are on top of the drier in the bag, because they would not fit in the washer." I go to get the shorts out of the bag and they are not there. I stop the washing machine, pull them out and in the pocket is his 3 month old Blackberry. Mother Effer. I hate when I am overly efficient in a bad way. Doing the laundry right away was supposed to be a good thing. Oops.

Sooo, I started school on Monday. I am only taking one class this semester, because I registered so late. I tried to hop into an Art class, but even people who were on a waiting list were not being accepted. Also? The online CIS-C class that I wanted to take? Full. Wait list? Full. Class closed. So anyways, back to my one class. I am taking Business Law this semester, mostly to cover up an F that I got the semester that I got married and dropped out of school. Also taking it because I am now going to major in business, since all my classes that are Accounting related, while the units still count, the actual class does not count towards my major when I transfer to Sac State, since they are all older than 7 years ago. Suck. So I changed my major to business. Next semester I am just going to concentrate on Gen Ed classes that I have not completed. I may or may not change my major. I reserve that right.

If you are still actually reading this, then kudos to you, because this is a damn long story!!!!!

P's out. My parents took my kids camping this weekend and I need to bask in my drunken nudity.


~Billie~ said...

OMG! We were supposed to head down to Tahoe with friends last weekend! My brother ended up coming to town, though, and hubby had his employee picnic so we decided to stay. I should have went. Could have run into you!
Wow, a bear? That would have been so cool to see... though maybe not so close to the camp.
Looks like you all had a great time!

Misguided Mommy said...

i love love love tahoe. considering its only about 45 minutes away i dont go there enough

Steph said...

Tahoe is awesome and I was there on Saturday. What a lovely weekend.

followthatdog said...

wow! That looks like a fantastic weekend. I do wonder about your sanity when you say you wish you had been awake to see the bear. I personally hope I never see a bear anywhere near where I am camping. I'd probably drop dead on the spot.