Friday, August 8, 2008

Who Is The Child Here?

On the mornings when my children wake up before I do they like to come get in my bed and harass me into arising.

This morning was one of those days.

The alarm was going off and the hubs and I had two extra cuddle-bugs in bed with us.

"Mommy, time to wake up, time to wake up, get out of bed."

And on and on it went as I dozed in and out of those last few precious moments of sleep until I did get up.

I got out of bed and walked into my bathroom to look at myself. Something was wrong and I needed to figure out why I could barely feel my lip, and why it was fat. When I say fat, I mean FAT!! I have a crooked smile and my lip is protruding so far that I look like Angelina Jolie's chopper was transplanted onto my face (oh, how I flatter myself).

I was confused, but went on with my morning, getting the kids showered and ready for school, making lunches, and playing taxi driver. When I arrived home I needed a break, so I plopped my butt down on the couch and saw my necklace there. It is green with huge, heavy glass beads. My Mom made it, and I think it is quite pretty. I started having flashbacks of this morning; of yelling at Cal, more specifically.

So... I just picked up Cal from school and we had this conversation, or more, I talked at him:

Me: Hey buddy.

He: Yeah.

Me: Remember this morning when you were in my bed and you were swinging that necklace around?

He: Yeah.

Me: (And I am totally making this part up as I say it to him, because really...I DO NOT remember this much at ALL) Remember when you hit me in the face with it?

He: Yeah.

Me: That hurt me really bad, and it still really hurts!

He: (Taking in a swift breath of air) OHHHHH. I'm sorry.

Me: Yeah, I have a fat lip, and I can barely smile.

He: I'm sorry, Momma.

Me: Uh huh.

Let me just say that he is lucky I like him, because I have the maturity level of a six year old when I get hurt and what I really want to do is take that necklace and hit him in the face with it.

The offending necklace is on the right

Hi. I'm not 6. I swear. I am currently ignoring him, instead of hitting him, which I think gives me the maturity level of what? A fifteen year old. Yeahhhh.


Elizabeth said...

I've had those moments, too. I've even made that Nanny Nanny Na Na face to my kids behind their backs. Sometimes we have to do what we can to make it moment to moment. Even if that means acting like a 15 year old. ;)

Rachel said...

I hate fat lips but I am sure you looked all sexy with that Jolie lip. I do have to say that the conversation with Cal was too cute for words.

Elle said...

That necklace could definitely double as a weapon. I stick my tongue out at them sometimes, which really makes me look mature. In fact my mom just sent me a card and there's a little girl sticking her tongue out. I guess my secret isn't so secret.

The Fishers said...

okay. Do you sleep with your necklace on or is it just a coincidence that he hit you with the same necklace you wore? That is some good detective work, though.

Grandy said...

It makes at least. ;)

slackermommy said...

Totally immature. I love it!

Mrs. F said...

Elizabeth~ I make faces at the kids a lot, actually.

Rachel~ I look sexy STILL with my big pouty bottom lip!

Elle~ Either your secret isn't so secret, or your mom has been sticking her tongue out at you all these years. You probably inherited it from your mother. hehehe.

Lisa~ I was not wearing the necklace at the time. I think it was on my dresser when he pick it up, and when I found it it was sitting on the couch.

Grandy~ I'll take 10 and run with it.

Slackermommy~ Thank you!

Steph said...

Sorry about your lip, but the way you are handling it is cracking me up big time!!!! I might even react the same way...! :)

That lady with 6 daughters said...

How could you not wake up through that? It's a coffee thing, isn't it? Just keep him away from the sharpy markers, my kids colored earrings on my husband in his sleep once and he wore them for 4 days.