Sunday, September 21, 2008

Eff Yoo eBay

Next month we are planning a trip down to Anaheim to go to Disneyland. I would say we are planning a vacation, but can it even be considered a vacation when that is the only place you take your kids? OK, OK, its a vacation. I know.

Every October Disneyland hosts a Mickey Mouse Trick-or-Treat party. The whole park is decorated for Halloween during October. For those of you who know me, or who have been reading my blog for a while, you may well know that it is my life goal to take the kids to Disneyland during every season. Last year we went in July and in November. I loved the November trip because the park was all Christmassy and it was my birthday and it was pretty much the Best. Birthday. Ever. Disney really goes all out in their festive decorations. It is the happiest place on Earth every day, and it is an even happier place during the holidays.

Get to the point, I know...

So I have been putting it off for a while now, but I have been needing to buy tickets for Mickey's Trick-or-Treat party and I started freaking out, thinking they would be sold out, because soon enough, they WILL sell out. So I went to their website and I bought the tickets. Whoopee!

So excited. It better be great, because I can trick or treat for flippin' free at home!!!

After I made this $116 purchase I got to thinking...what else can I buy now for the trip?


I am absolutely NOT willing to pay more than $40 for a child's costume, so I head over to eBay in search of some authentic Disney crap.

I HATE eBay!!!!!



I have been on the damn computer all day in bidding wars over little girl's Belle costumes. I have at least 7 emails in my inbox telling me that I have been outbid.

I am almost pretty sure that it is almost worth it just to drive down to the Disney store and spend $10 more than I am going to spend on eBay. Almost.

For the sake of my sanity.

Can you say "anxiety attack"?

This waiting and raising my max bid shit stresses me out!!!!!

I am just holding out for the one auction that I have left going, then I am making the drive to the mall...

Eff Yoo eBay. You can suck it if I lose this auction!!!!!


Vic @ Glowstars said...

Take the drive - ebay is way too stressful.

Rachel said...

Go for the drive. I also do not like ebay at all and screw paypal-that system stinks. said...

I have never been to Mickey's trick or treat party... will definitely have to check it out!

I can't stand eBay auctions either - if it doesn't have the "Buy it Now" feature, then I won't even bother bidding.

You're right - it is TOO dang stressful!

~Billie~ said...

LOL! It's so easy to get sucked into those 'bidding wars'? But it definitely sucks to lose! I've decided to make them this year.. As of now, one wants to be a penguin and the other wants to be Interstate 80... Yeah... I don't know.

HeatherY said...

E-bay will drive you bonkers. Not only that but by the time you pay the shipping, it's either about the same cost or more. Hope you won that auction.

Steph said...

Having to wait and bid is just too much for me! I didn't realize that Disneyland did that trick or treat thing. That would be so much fun!

Elle said...

I would so love to go for Halloween! Hope you guys have a blast and forget e-bay, just go get a brand new one at the Disney Store.

Grandy said...

So jealous! Is this the birthday party you were going to invite me to? At D-Land?

I hope you win these.

Mrs. F said...

Update: I was just outbid AGAIN and I am going to go down to the Disney store on Monday and just buy the Belle dress there. My girl friend got a super duper coupon that she is giving me...ebay stressed me out and I doubt I will try to "shop victoriously" ever again. I did, however, find the Jack Sparrow costume I wanted in a "Buy It Now" deal, so Cal's costume is covered...

That lady with 6 daughters said...

I haven't seen your new background 'til today, it's so pretty.

On the ebay thing, did you know that if it's currently $10 and you don't wanna go over $40, you can place your bid at $40 and it will only show as $10.50 until someone else bids higher. That way you don't have to sit there getting outbid over and over again, it will automatically do it for you, up to $40.

I hope that helps. And I hope you win everything without reaching your maximum bid. And all your Disney Dreams come true! Knotts is fun @ Halloween, too.

mommymommyland said...

or... you could make a Belle costume for her.

The Fishers said...

I've been thinking about you and your post awhile back... I don't think you've answered all the questions:) I am still mulling over your request. My four year anniversary is coming up, so that might be the day;)

Have fun at Disneyland. And you better dress up.