Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I have a Feeling That This Makes No Sense To Anyone...

Saturday night I received a phone call from my Aunt down in San Diego, the one that my brother lives with. She was just calling to let me know that my cousin's band's first gig went swell. Oh, and that my brother was in the ER.

Maybe that was not the right start for this story. Maybe I should start at the beginning. Four years ago my brother fled the wrath of Sacramento for San Diego. He was getting into trouble in Sacramento and knew it was time to quit. He moved in with our Aunt, Uncle, and two cousins, sharing a room with one of them. For the past four years he has been successful at work, but still has been rooming with our cousin. A few weeks ago Aldo's BFF, David, called him up and told him to move back already. His mission had been accomplished. He had been away from the bullshit long enough to be strong and resist it if tempted. Aldo agreed and put in his two weeks notice at work.

He had a set date of moving back to Sacramento. September 17th. Finally. We get our brother, friend, son, Uncle back.

And then there is the part where my brother is a giant boob and joined the mosh pit at my cousin's Black Metal concert. Apparently, fifteen seconds in to the first song Aldo twisted and snapped his ankle. No biggie, right?

Yeah, so when my aunt called me I had had a few beers, and I was at David and Roch's house, the future home of my brother, by the way. They had just moved in and were having a BBQ. Good times. Sooo, I spend the evening text messaging and calling my brother to no avail. When I get up the next morning I start the cycle over again. Text messaging, calling. Incessantly, because I am neurotic like that. Then I decide to smarten up a bit and call my Auntie's house. My cousin Pat answers the phone and tells me that my brother is about to go into surgery. Wha tha frickin HELL??

Iced Up Ankle

High On Morphine


As a side note***Already, his friends and I have decided, before even talking to him, that we are going to drive down to San Diego and pick him up. Whatever it takes to get him home. Yanno?

So, I am driving to work, completely stressing out about the word "Surgery", when I decide to call the hubs, you know, my supportive, loving husband. Our conversation:

Me: I am such a stress head. I am worried. What if something goes wrong?

Him: (brief pause) Cooolll.

Me: What the fuck? Were you even listening to me?

Him: Yeah.

Me: Oh really? Then what did I say?

Him: You are a stress head.

Me: What did I say after that?

Him: You said something after that? I missed it.

Me: Clearly, but me saying I am a stress head still does not call for the response "Cool". I'm getting off the phone now!

MEN!!!!!!! I swear!

So anyways, my brother's surgery took 3 hours, he was in recovery for an hour, and released the next day. I asked him what they did to him and he could not tell me. He does not know if it is pins, screws, or a plate, but he thinks they did something. They did cut him open, that is all he knows. Maybe when the morphine wears off he can tell me more.

So far the plan is that I am going to fly down to San Diego in a couple weeks, after he has had some time to recover, and I am going to drive his car up to Sacramento, since it is a stick shift and obviously you need two feet to drive one of those.

I am pretty excited!! I mean, I am bummed about his foot and stuff, but that is probably what he gets for being a big boob! I am excited about getting to go to San Diego. And the part about my favoritest brother moving close by. I miss him. So do the kids. And my Mom. And his friends.

So...that is my latest family drama. I'm off to go find a free bed on craigslist for his new place...


The Fishers said...

Rambling... but it makes sense to me. I'm glad he's okay and you get your cool brother back. You can't get too mad at the hubs, because you know there are times when you don't listen to him. I get caught all the time. Oops!!

mamikaze said...

made sense to me :) glad to know your brother is going to be alright and he is coming home soon!

Steph said...

Dang. I am glad that he is ok. My fiance broke his ankle 6 years ago and got screws and a plate put in and had to have them out recently cause they were bothering him. How nice it will be to have your brother home!!

Grandy said...

Yeah you! Getting your brother closer to home!! YEAH!

Sorry about his surgery and pain. That bites.

Mrs. F said...

Lisa~ I know, I know, I think the difference was that I was upset...I really am not a stellar listener either.

Mamikaze~ Thank you! I am super excited!

Steph~I can't imagine having plates and screws in my body. Yikes. I'm sure my brother can though, haha! And hells yeah it is going to be nice to have him home!

Grandy~ I think he is not in toooo much pain. They have him well medicated :)