Thursday, September 4, 2008

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Last night I had the opportunity to take the kids to their very first AAA baseball game. One of the teachers at our school was handing out free tickets, so I snagged four of them, picked up my littlest brother, Adam, and kept the kids out past their bedtime on a school night.

At about 9-ish the kids started getting really restless, so after making them stay for nearly another hour after that, we left. We actually left at the bottom of the sixth inning. Three hours after the game started. I am pretty sure that every time I go to a Rivercats game I think, "Oh wow, I forgot how long these games can be." Normally I do not mind. The kids were just too tired to stay though.

If you are interested in my photography or my brand of camera, just ask. I know. These pictures rock my world, too. (Picture me dying of laughter right now.)

Pictures of the Sacramento Rivercats vs. Salt Lake Bees:

Cost to get in: Zero dollars

Cost of two sodas: $10

Cost of Parking: $10

Cost of Hot Dogs and Drumsticks on Dollar night: $8

Cost of my one beer: $7

Watching a live game at the ballpark with my kids for the first time*: Priceless

*We may have taken them when they were infants. Hubs old work has a suite there...

By the way, our team lost. But even still, a good time was had by all.


Steph said...

I love doing stuff like that. How fun! And not expensive. You went on a good night!

~Billie~ said...

Awesome! Free is always great too!
We took the boys to a Giants game last summer. Can't wait till they are a bit older and can really enjoy the game!

Rachel said...

We love going to baseball games and I love popcorn and ice cream and peanuts. YUM!

Glowstars said...

Not sure if I'm more shocked at the price of the beer or the two sodas!
Glad you had a good time, even if you had to leave when you did.

Grandy said...

How FUN!!! Yeah BEER!!

Mrs. F said...

Steph~ It would have been a better night if our team won. I think I jinx games.

Billie~ I want to go to a Giants game really badddd!

Rachel~ Stop. You are making me hungry!!!

Glowstars~ The most shocking was the 20 oz. bottle of soda that you can get out of a vending machine for $1.25--that ran me $4. Unfreaking believable!!

Grandy~ We need to get together and drink beer! w00t!!