Thursday, October 30, 2008

I See Famous People. You See Their Backsides.

Hey y'all. I am home from my vacation. Completely exhausted, but I thought I would share a brief post before hitting the hay.

This morning before leaving Anaheim we went to Downtown Disney to do some shopping.

I was walking outside of Jamba Juice while the rest of my fam was inside being my servants buying my juice, when I walked past a man bent down talking to his young son.

It was Seal, y'all.


So in true stalker fashion, I followed him to get a photo after his beautiful wife Heidi {Klum} and the rest of their entourage had joined them.

When I got close I chickened out and I only ended up getting a shot of their back sides.

But I swear to God. You have to believe me. I saw Seal and Heidi Klum and their kids at Disneyland today.

I swear. is proof.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Crap That Sucks

I am supposed to be packing our bags so that we can leave for Disneyland in the morning, but instead I am blogging. I am a procrastinator like that. yeah. so?

I received word from my manager yesterday that we have all been laid off. Apparently the big boss brought in a financial adviser, who advised him that not only are we overpaid, but the boat is often overstaffed, and he needs to cut back.

The solution?

Hire an outside catering company that will cater to each individual event.

Yeah, that will be cheap. Good luck with that, buddy.

To be honest, I was pretty done with the bullshit. There has been so much drama lately and while I am not going to go in depth about it, let me just say that my loyalties in the fight that was had between the big boss and the second in charge, welp, I am on her side (second in charge), so I have been ready to leave for about a month now. I was sticking it out for the money, and because she asked us to, as she felt an extreme loyalty to her clients who had already booked charters, especially the brides.

There is one exception.

I absolutely adore everyone I work with. I am sooooo sad that I am not going to be able to work with those jerks anymore. I lurve them, and I am going to miss them all soooo much.

Honestly, I have never left a job on my last day NOT crying (OK I don't actually cry, for the record, more that I get all choked up...), so this is typical for my emotional level. The difference this time is that on my last day of work, I was unaware that it was my last day of work. I jumped off the boat without saying goodbye to anyone. I know that sounds stupid. But give me a break, I just got laid off.

I am sad.

Other stupid crap that happened yesterday: I retreived the mail from the box and found that hubs had yet another red light ticket from the exact same light where he got a ticket last time (four months ago). I can no longer afford this habit of his.


"Hey Paloma! You just got laid off. What are you going to do now???"

"I'm going to Disneyland!"


P.S. Don't feel too bad for me. Everyone else at my work is in a much worse predicament than I am.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Belle Fail

OK, y'all. Remember last month when I had a dilemma. I kept getting outbid for Belle dresses on ebay and did not really want to go to the Disney Store to purchase one at full price??? One of my smart a$$ readers suggested I make a dress. I laughed out loud at that idea for about a week. Scratch that. I am still laughing about it...

Let me tell you a secret.

I am an idiot.

So a couple days after posting that blog I ended up finding a Belle dress for about $20 on ebay on a "Buy It Now" auction. I won it, I received it, and I was mostly happy with it.

I had the girl try it on for me and Big Daddy this morning and we decided that it was a bit shorter than we would like it to be, hitting just under her knees.

The hubs goes online and I see that the Disney Store currently has the dress for only $20. Awesome.

But then the boy decides that he wants a Star Wars costume. He already has a Jack Sparrow costume, but I decide, eh...whatever. Get the boy another costume.

So we go to the Disney store and we pick out a new dress for the girl, making the total count for Belle dresses two. TWO dresses that are so much alike it makes me want to puke. Then we spent the next 5 hours this afternoon looking for a Star Wars costume, which we finally found for super cheap at Toys R Us. (I have no point in telling you about the boys costume, unless you really want to know that I wore some semi-new wedge heels to go shopping in and they wore a giant hole in the top of my foot from walking around allll day in them.)

Let's take a look at my stupidity the costumes, shall we?

Dress Number One From ebay

Dress Number Two from the Disney Store

Let's look at them side by side

Dress number one has white roses

Dress number two has pink roses

Dress number one has this design on the bottom

Dress number two has this design on the bottom

This is the design on the top of dress number two

And finally, the design on the top of dress one

OK folks. Are you keeping up with me here? I spent over $40 for Belle dresses, when my original intention was to get a great bargain.

I am such an idiot. (See how my story just came full circle???)

PS I am wayy happy with dress number two, as it is PERFECT...but I am still an idiot.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Babies Grow Up Too Fast

I just kicked thirteen people out of my house.

I take that back. Four of us are still here.

Whoa Nelly, am I exhausted!

We baked a cake.

We made tacos with all the fixin’s.

We sang Happy Birthday, she blew out the candles.

She opened her gifts.

And in less than an hour now, she will be five! My goodness how time flies. It feels like just the other day she was the new girl in the family, and nowadays, I have no idea where I would be without her!

Rissa, my sweet little hell raiser is five. She lives by her own set of rules, but makes up for it in love. The other day she told me, “My brain told me not to put powder* under my bed, and my brain told me not to roll toilet paper* down the stairs, and my brain told me not to paint my toy box with medicine*”

Ummm, really, or did I tell you that???

I swear I did, you know, tell you that in the span of the two days when you did all three of those things…

*Powder=Medicated powder
*Two Rolls

*Medicine=Wart remover

Anyways, I need to occupy my time so that at 1:58am on October 22nd I can go into her room and watch that little angel sleep (some of her sweetest moments, indeed) and give her a birthday kiss. She owns my heart.

As a side note: My parents got her this Gourmet Girl Cupcake maker and this is what she made with it:

Does anyone else see a turd?

As another side note: I have the best best friend EVER! We went to her house yesterday and she threw a little party for Riss, complete with cake, pizza, Tinkerbell decorations, and an activity.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Best Weekend Evahhh!

I am not really sure how to put in to words how fabulous last weekend was, and I have no pictures to prove the weekend’s fabulosity, so I have hesitated writing about it.

It was pretty much exactly like I said it was going to be. I woke up Saturday morning and we went to my Mom’s house, where we waited for her to finish getting ready for about, oh, I don’t know, an hour?! Then we went to Merced, where we were the first ones to arrive at my Aunt M’s house. I got the kids all situated, got the car unpacked, and took off at 1pm for Sausalito. It took me 3 hours to get there and when I finally arrived I found the office was locked and both of the boats were gone. You would never believe how bad I had to go pee. I could barely walk it was so bad. Anywho, I found a bathroom and waited around for nearly an hour for my boat to get back to dock. I worked Saturday until 11, then hopped on to the other boat and helped them with their clean up for about an hour. Everyone on that boat was pretty much spent, but insisted we go out anyways.

Thaaattt was fun. Remind me to not try to keep up with the big boys next time. Shots of tequila are NEVER my best friend.

Sunday we got up and started setting up for a trip around the bay. The trip was to be simple, appetizers only, so we knew it was going to be an easy day. When the Blue Angels started flying out above the water we all headed up to the top deck, where no one else is allowed (it is super dangerous up there) and we got the best seats in the house for the show. At one point I was crouched down and I jumped up just in time for a plane to fly about 30 feet directly over my head. It was so ridiculously awesome. You have no idea. I squealed like a schoolgirl, I was so excited. I mean, seriously, it was directly over my HEAD! Ugh, the awesomeness is too much to explain. Sorry. [[edited to add photos found on the website of the boat's photographer from that day!]] In case you can't tell, all photos are courtesy of

Anywayyyys, I finished up work and jumped off the boat before it was even tied up. I ran down the dock and jumped in my car, because I had more pressing things to deal with.


I got to Merced in 3 hours.


My Mom said it was the best birthday ever, having all her sisters and her brother there. I agree. It was so cool. She said that when my Auntie’s got to the house she was just staring at my Aunt C, in complete and utter disbelief. Five of my cousins were MIA, but it was a pretty packed house, full of laughter, and excitement. I just wish I could have been there for the duration of the time, because, uh, yeah, I was only there for 15 hours, 7 of which I spent sleeping. So on the way home I asked my Mom if anyone took a picture of the six of them (her and her siblings) together. Guess what she said? Yeah, that is a giant NEGATIVE. That sucks. So I have taken the liberty to scan in to my computer, for your viewing pleasure, a picture taken 6 years ago, the most recent of all of them together.

If ears had corners: Out of the corner of my ear I heard my Aunt M tell her husband that it was very evident that my cousin Crystal and I are related by the way we communicate. I thought that was super cute! Truly though, you can tell that we are ALL related, because it was one big house of cozy crazy, just the way we are. Just the way we like it!!

I can’t wait till next time. Hopefully then the rest of my cousins will be able to make it, too!

P.S. On a completely unrelated note, have I mentioned that my kids have been off-track from school for almost two weeks now and they are driving me absolutely batty? Two more weeks to go. I can do it. I know my head is not really going to explode (or implode!!!).

P.S.S. On another completely unrelated note, I got 100% on my first Mid-Term in Business Law. Basically, I rock.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Spoiler For My Mom, So She Bettter Not Be Reading This!

Did I mention that my blogaversary came and went on October 5th? No? That is because I suck. And I am busy lately. So anyways, happy blogaversary to me. Yay.

Speaking of overwhelmingly busy...

The prospect of this weekend is making me tired.

Today I am cleaning house and packing bags. Next week is my Mom's 55th birthday and we are going to Merced for a get together with family tomorrow. My Mom is the oldest of six children in her family. She has one brother and four sisters. Guess what? (This is the part where I seriously hope that my Mom does not read my blog...) All six of them are going to be in Merced. SURPRISE Mom, if you are reading this...

Two of her siblings actually live in Merced, so obviously they are not a surprise. She knows that one of my aunts is making the drive from San Diego, but she is completely unaware that not only is her other sister from San Diego coming, but so is her sister from Florida!!!!! She is going to be soooo freakishly excited. The last time all six of them were together was at my Grama's funeral six years ago.

So here is my weekend, in a nutshell:

Saturday early morning I go to pick up my mom and we drive the hour and a half to Merced. I get to spend a whopping four hours at my Aunt's house, then I have to leave for work. I will drive the two and a half hours to Sausalito, work for six hours, stay the night there, wake up and work until 5:30pm, drive the two and a half hour drive BACK to Merced hang out with the family until Monday morning, then drive the hour and a half drive home to Sacramento. I am exhausted just thinking about all that driving. Seriously.

What have I got myself into???

I know it is all going to be worth it just to see the look on my Mom's face when she realizes that all her sisters and her brother are going to be there...I just wish that I was not working for most of the weekend. (Calling in sick is NOT an option...)

On a completely unrelated note, I waited 17 years to go to a New Kids On The Block concert, since I was grounded for their tour through Sacramento way back then. I did not go to the concert last night. Sad face. I am just fine pretending like that did NOT happen. Let's all put on our big girl faces and pretend like they aren't on tour...yeah, yeah...good idea!

Friday, October 3, 2008

This Could Have Been Great

Wednesday morning I kept the kids home from school with the very best of intentions. No, they were not sick. So maybe it was almost the best of intentions. Whatev.

I had a work meeting in Sausalito at 2pm, so I decided to make a day of the whole event, since I was taking the kids with me. We piled into the car at 8:15 am and headed out to San Francisco. The kids were going to experience more than they could have if I had taken them to school. On this day they were going to get a hands on education, for we were going to the Exploratorium.

I printed out directions to the Exploraorium on Tuesday night. I shoved them in my purse and on the drive there, I followed them. Almost to a "T". Then I missed a turn, which happened to be the turn on to the last street before the Exploratorium. So I am driving on Lombard and I decide that I MUST turn around. However, by the time I have passed the street I need to be on I am almost at the Golden Gate bridge and I am totally on a highway. So I take the last exit before the bridge, which seems OK, except it is NOT.

Before long I am at Ocean Beach on Great Highway.

Completely lost.

So I pull over at the San Francisco Zoo, I call my mother. By this time I had already been driving around completely lost for over 30 minutes. Anyways, my mom gives me directions on how to get to the Exploratorium from where I am at.

She says: Follow Great Highway and it wil turn into Geary. Turn left on Divisidero, turn left on Mason, blah, blah, blah.

I follow her directions. I am completely frustrated by the time I get all the way across town and realize that not only can I NOT turn left at Divisidero, but I can not turn left at ANY street after it, either. Finally, I find a way to get back to Divisidero. The next direction was to turn left on Mason Street. Um...hello. There was no Mother Effing Mason Street. Oh wait. Did I mention that I had started SCREAMING at the streets when I realized that I was never going to be able to turn left? Yeah. Mature, I know. So the kids are sitting in the back of the car. Rissa has her ears plugged and Cal is crying. I am pretty much the Best. Mom. Ever. They were totally frightened. It was so sad.

Anywho, I was able to finally find my way to the Exploratorium, even without Mason Street.


Wanna know our time of arrival?

12:00 noon.

Did you happen to catch what time we left our house? Yeah. 8:15am

So for nearly 4 hours my kids sat in the car. You can imagine all the energy they had when we got there, no?

Divide and conquer are the names I like to call them. Oy Vey.

They ended up having a lot of fun in a minimal amount of time. We were only able to be there for one hour, since I had to leave for my work meeting at 1pm (it was only 15 minutes away, but the kids needed to be fed...). I promised them I would bring them back next month, since they totally got cheated this time.

Seriously. Who drives for 4 hours to go someplace and hang out for 1 hour??? Who does that?

Oh yeah. Me.

Here are some pictures for you to go look at while I am off polishing my Mother Of The Year trophy.

In a wind tunnel

Sand blackboard

Marilyn Einstein
*looks like Marilyn Monroe from a distance and Albert Einstein up close.

Mood lighting The ball changed colors

Playing nice nice together

Use IT

It was the kids first time on the Golden Gate bridge. They loved it.

In case you were wondering, the work meeting sucked. There is loads of work drama going on. My loyalties lie with the one who no longer works there, I am working out my scheduled days, and I may not have a job for very much longer. Yeehaw.