Thursday, October 23, 2008

Belle Fail

OK, y'all. Remember last month when I had a dilemma. I kept getting outbid for Belle dresses on ebay and did not really want to go to the Disney Store to purchase one at full price??? One of my smart a$$ readers suggested I make a dress. I laughed out loud at that idea for about a week. Scratch that. I am still laughing about it...

Let me tell you a secret.

I am an idiot.

So a couple days after posting that blog I ended up finding a Belle dress for about $20 on ebay on a "Buy It Now" auction. I won it, I received it, and I was mostly happy with it.

I had the girl try it on for me and Big Daddy this morning and we decided that it was a bit shorter than we would like it to be, hitting just under her knees.

The hubs goes online and I see that the Disney Store currently has the dress for only $20. Awesome.

But then the boy decides that he wants a Star Wars costume. He already has a Jack Sparrow costume, but I decide, eh...whatever. Get the boy another costume.

So we go to the Disney store and we pick out a new dress for the girl, making the total count for Belle dresses two. TWO dresses that are so much alike it makes me want to puke. Then we spent the next 5 hours this afternoon looking for a Star Wars costume, which we finally found for super cheap at Toys R Us. (I have no point in telling you about the boys costume, unless you really want to know that I wore some semi-new wedge heels to go shopping in and they wore a giant hole in the top of my foot from walking around allll day in them.)

Let's take a look at my stupidity the costumes, shall we?

Dress Number One From ebay

Dress Number Two from the Disney Store

Let's look at them side by side

Dress number one has white roses

Dress number two has pink roses

Dress number one has this design on the bottom

Dress number two has this design on the bottom

This is the design on the top of dress number two

And finally, the design on the top of dress one

OK folks. Are you keeping up with me here? I spent over $40 for Belle dresses, when my original intention was to get a great bargain.

I am such an idiot. (See how my story just came full circle???)

PS I am wayy happy with dress number two, as it is PERFECT...but I am still an idiot.


Steph said...

Not stupid. But I have to say, I like #2 much better.

The Fishers said...

She needs dress No. 1 when she has friends come over and play and they both want to be Belle. Now they can. That alone is well worth the $20 you spent on it... hours of girl playing dressup with a friend equals hours of you with one less kid to entertian yourself.

The JNJ Hasleton's said...

We'll do anything for our kids. I go buy a bunch of costumes on clearance after Halloween, then next year they have to choose from what we've got. But I can be a little mean sometimes.

Rachel said...

I would have done the same thing. I am always looking for a bargain but then sometimes I do not find the right thing and then I spend more. i say sell it again on ebay. Adorable dress!