Thursday, October 30, 2008

I See Famous People. You See Their Backsides.

Hey y'all. I am home from my vacation. Completely exhausted, but I thought I would share a brief post before hitting the hay.

This morning before leaving Anaheim we went to Downtown Disney to do some shopping.

I was walking outside of Jamba Juice while the rest of my fam was inside being my servants buying my juice, when I walked past a man bent down talking to his young son.

It was Seal, y'all.


So in true stalker fashion, I followed him to get a photo after his beautiful wife Heidi {Klum} and the rest of their entourage had joined them.

When I got close I chickened out and I only ended up getting a shot of their back sides.

But I swear to God. You have to believe me. I saw Seal and Heidi Klum and their kids at Disneyland today.

I swear. is proof.


Grandy said...

That is SO THEM!! Yeah Huh! I believe you!!

The Fishers said...

I love Heidi and I can TOTALLY see that it is them. Next time, put on your big girl panties and ask them for a picture or at least run ahead and get a front shot!!!

~Billie~ said...

OMG! So freakin awesome!!

Rachel said...

I love when I see famous people. I am not obsessed or anything but it is still fun.

Mrs. F said...

Grandy~ Thanks. Do I sense sarcasm?

Lisa~ I am such a wimp. My big girl panties were packed with the rest of our luggage in the car.

Billie~ I know-right!

Rachel~ Those were actually the first famous people I have seen in my adult life. My Mom did remind me yesterday that I met Bill Clinton and shook his hand (it was soft and clammy)...

Midwest Mommy said...

Oh that is so cool. I can't remember who's blog it was, was it yours? but the blogger was totally in love with Seal. I think they would die to know you saw him out and about if I could only remember who :-) Yep this will boggle my mind today.