Friday, October 3, 2008

This Could Have Been Great

Wednesday morning I kept the kids home from school with the very best of intentions. No, they were not sick. So maybe it was almost the best of intentions. Whatev.

I had a work meeting in Sausalito at 2pm, so I decided to make a day of the whole event, since I was taking the kids with me. We piled into the car at 8:15 am and headed out to San Francisco. The kids were going to experience more than they could have if I had taken them to school. On this day they were going to get a hands on education, for we were going to the Exploratorium.

I printed out directions to the Exploraorium on Tuesday night. I shoved them in my purse and on the drive there, I followed them. Almost to a "T". Then I missed a turn, which happened to be the turn on to the last street before the Exploratorium. So I am driving on Lombard and I decide that I MUST turn around. However, by the time I have passed the street I need to be on I am almost at the Golden Gate bridge and I am totally on a highway. So I take the last exit before the bridge, which seems OK, except it is NOT.

Before long I am at Ocean Beach on Great Highway.

Completely lost.

So I pull over at the San Francisco Zoo, I call my mother. By this time I had already been driving around completely lost for over 30 minutes. Anyways, my mom gives me directions on how to get to the Exploratorium from where I am at.

She says: Follow Great Highway and it wil turn into Geary. Turn left on Divisidero, turn left on Mason, blah, blah, blah.

I follow her directions. I am completely frustrated by the time I get all the way across town and realize that not only can I NOT turn left at Divisidero, but I can not turn left at ANY street after it, either. Finally, I find a way to get back to Divisidero. The next direction was to turn left on Mason Street. Um...hello. There was no Mother Effing Mason Street. Oh wait. Did I mention that I had started SCREAMING at the streets when I realized that I was never going to be able to turn left? Yeah. Mature, I know. So the kids are sitting in the back of the car. Rissa has her ears plugged and Cal is crying. I am pretty much the Best. Mom. Ever. They were totally frightened. It was so sad.

Anywho, I was able to finally find my way to the Exploratorium, even without Mason Street.


Wanna know our time of arrival?

12:00 noon.

Did you happen to catch what time we left our house? Yeah. 8:15am

So for nearly 4 hours my kids sat in the car. You can imagine all the energy they had when we got there, no?

Divide and conquer are the names I like to call them. Oy Vey.

They ended up having a lot of fun in a minimal amount of time. We were only able to be there for one hour, since I had to leave for my work meeting at 1pm (it was only 15 minutes away, but the kids needed to be fed...). I promised them I would bring them back next month, since they totally got cheated this time.

Seriously. Who drives for 4 hours to go someplace and hang out for 1 hour??? Who does that?

Oh yeah. Me.

Here are some pictures for you to go look at while I am off polishing my Mother Of The Year trophy.

In a wind tunnel

Sand blackboard

Marilyn Einstein
*looks like Marilyn Monroe from a distance and Albert Einstein up close.

Mood lighting The ball changed colors

Playing nice nice together

Use IT

It was the kids first time on the Golden Gate bridge. They loved it.

In case you were wondering, the work meeting sucked. There is loads of work drama going on. My loyalties lie with the one who no longer works there, I am working out my scheduled days, and I may not have a job for very much longer. Yeehaw.


The Fishers said...

I don't mean to get great laughter out of your awful day... but I do. A lot. That was quite funny and sounds like something I would do. They look like they're having fun anyway. Better luck next time.

Elizabeth said...

I can SO relate here. I'm glad you got through it. :)
You could look on the bright side about your outbursts, tho. I'm sure you were entertaining to the folks who regularly talk and yell at themselves who stand at street corners in SF. ;)
Glad the kids had a good time!

~Billie~ said...

Uhg! Work drama is never fun!
I'm cracking up over your whole driving for 4 hours experience! Too funny, but I can imagine it was pretty damn frustrating.
Great pictures. Looks like an amazing place!

Rachel said...

I hate being lost. I finally got navigation in my car and love it. We bought one of those portable navigation ones for my mother in laws car because she gets lost too and it has helped.

It looks like so much damn fun. Glad the kids enjoyed it.

Sarah said...

When you go next month let me know....I may want to bring my two along. :)

Suburban Jungle said...

Next time you pull over in a Zoo parking lot with kids in tow... see it as a sign. I often spin my wheels as a mom, your day is where the saying comes from.

Haven't seen you around hope your still reading.
-Jenny from the blog

Grandy said...

I <3 the Exploratorium, but do understand the outbursts. ;)

You've been shaking up the looks of your place. I like!!