Sunday, November 9, 2008

Feed Me, Read Me

I have heard it time and time again, weight loss is comprised of 80% food/diet and 20% exercise.

Well, my friends, I pretty much have the exercise part down pat, as I have been going to the gym faithfully 5 days a week since [the end of] June.

I have not, however, changed the way I eat, not one single bit.

I have lost 12 pounds in the past 4. 5 months. At this rate, I will be at my goal weight in 3 years. Are you mother-lovin' kidding me?????

Sooooo, in an attempt to lose weight a little more steadily I am going to try to eat healthier. I may even go back to Weight Watchers. We'll see.

So, my dear friends. I have a proposition for all [5] of you!

Let's share recipes.

Leave, in the comment section, a HEALTHY recipe that I can try out on my kids and husband, too. If you have the nutritional facts, that would be even better.

Come on y'all, help a sistah out!

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Speaking of the gym, I think that I may have actually NEVER talked about it on here. How is that even possible??? Some days my life actually revolves around going to the gym, when I can go, and what I am going to do there. Like on weekends, the kid care is only open until 3pm, so I have to make sure I go early.

There is a particular class that I absolutely love so SO much. Instead of me trying to explain it to you, why don't you just check out this short video. The class is called Zumba. Have you ever tried it? If your gym offers it, I urge you to give it a try, at least once. I love it.

I just watched this video and I almost could not resist. I just about got up and started dancing along with them. Haha.

OK, folks. What is your favorite healthy meal?
And what is your favorite exercise to do, either at the gym, or at home...


Steph said...

People have such a hard time exercising and doing it steadily like you have been. That is so good. And if you start making the small changes with your diet I am sure you will really see a big change. :) I might need help getting movitvated and staying on track in the exercise department after the baby.

Bray Family said...

Erin and I make mashed cauliflower instead of potatoes. add a touch of garlic, use fat free milk (thats all we drink), and go easy on the butter. Tastes Great.

Rachel said...

I love to make a big soup that we usually eat at every meal that is full of veggies. Then we usually have salad with some type of protein.

Maybe whole wheat pasta and a protein.

But I think for kids it is great to have veggies and brown rice and chicken stir fry. very easy and fun. You can also start to use olive oil instead of butter and make those kind of changes. We eat pretty plain here but also yams instead of white potatoes. Cut out the white stuff.

As for working out-I like to do 30 to 45 mins cardio and then I use weight for upper body.

followthatdog said...

my sister has the Zumba videos and loves it. I hate all exercise. My favorite healthy meal? No idea. We eat mostly healthy foods. Alton Brown has an amazing veggie soup recipe. It sounds so unspectacular but it is really really good.

Misguided Mommy said...


Mrs. F said...

Steph~ I have no idea why, but the exercising has actually been the easy part this time around. Starting small eating changes is probably going to work best for me! Thanks.

Bray~ Hummm, I might actually try this. I have only ever added cauliflower to mashed potatoes, so maybe next time I will do just mashed cauliflower. Thanks.

Rachel~ I think I am going to try your whole wheat pasta idea. And the soup. Probably the Alton brown recipe followthatdog talks about. Our workout routines sound very similar (when I am not doing Zumba, that is...) Thanks for the ideas!

Followthatdog~ I looked up the recipe and it sounds surprisingly good. Thanks.

Misguided Mommy~ I love all the recipes of yours that i have tried, so I am definitely going to try this one! Thanks!