Thursday, November 20, 2008

Help! What is the number for 911?

I got this little story, I'd like to tell, about three people that you know kinda well. It started way back in his-tory...

OK, OK. I know, this is crazy. I am blogging twice in one day...

So earlier today I decided that since I was cooking dinner in a crock pot, and since every time I have used the oven lately the smoke alarm has gone off, and since tomorrow morning I have to bake some yummy treats for Rissa's class, that today would be a perfect day to let the oven clean itself.

I dutifully lock the oven, I turn it on to self clean and I walk away.

About an hour later Miss Riss walks into the kitchen (mind you I am five feet away) and I hear this: "Whoa my gawshhhhh. The oven is on fire."

I snort and tell her that, no, the oven is not on fire, it is just cleaning itself. I get up, walk over to the oven, and lo an behold, that mother fugger is ON FIRE!

I send the kids outside and run to my purse and grab my phone. Then I walk into the kitchen, turn off the oven and stare at the fire. I can NOT pull my eyes away.

Nor can I decide who to call. Do I call 911? It is not really a big fire. It is not coming OUT of the oven. It is only about a foot high and six inches wide. Should I call the fire department? What do I do? Do I call my Mom? 911?

Heh. I stood there and did NOTHING.

The fire went down, and eventually OUT.

I was flipping scared. The last thing I want is for my house to burn down...

Anywho. We are safe, but I am a little bit scared to turn on my oven tomorrow morning.

Edited to add: Apparently this happens a lot. Look at one of the FAQ's on GEs website. Also. When the hubs walked in the door from work he was pissed because the house stunk so bad. He scraped the gunk out of the bottom of the oven and turned it on again, which, apparently, is what you are supposed to do.
Also, I did not use any cleaning products, I just turned the oven on. Are you supposed to use that oven cleaner stuff? It stinks SO bad! I thought it was optional. Heh.


Cristina Mathers said...

OMG i would have freaked out! and now i am freaked out because I need to clean mine before next week! remind me what kind of cleaner you used so i can NOT buy that! =)

bernthis said...

Isn't great to know that no matter how old we are, we STILL think to turn to our mothers? LOL

DON'T turn the oven on before you speak to the makers of said oven. It might have been something as minor as what oven cleaner you were using but obviously you don't want to risk it.

Mrs. F said...

Christina~ I used nothing-maybe that was the problem...

Bernthis~ I probably call my mom a bit excessively when I need her. I have no idea what I would do without her. She better live FOREVER!

Grandy said...

Christmas nite...1980.

In our jammies, playing with our toys.

Oven caught fire the same way...only fire department came.

Figures hubs would feel inconvenienced at the smell.

Mandy said...

next time dump baking soda on the fire... it works... trust me from experience, LOL

Mrs. F said...

Grandy~ Was the oven usable?

Mandy~ I would have tried anything. If only I could move. :)
And if only the oven was not locked shut...It would not even open until it was completely cooled down! If I ever have access to the inside of the oven when it is burning on fire I will definitely remember that. Thanks!