Thursday, November 20, 2008

Love and Hate

On the list of things I hate, lets add finding unwrapped lollipops under the bathroom sink. K?

On the list of things I love, lets add when my kids act really goofy in front of the camera for me.

My Mom got both the kids these adorable jammies at that store where Paris Hilton thought they sell walls. To get them to light up all the kids have to do is...

I absolutely adore Seal's new music. I put it on and had Rissa dance. Um, she has no rhythm. At all. She gets that from her father. Cause y'all know I am a dancing queen... *snicker, snicker*

Cal got his jammies on and then would not let me get him on video. Oh well.

Happy Thursday. Oh, wait. What? Did someone say THURSDAY??? You know what Thursday is next week? No, piggy, I am not talking about Thanksgiving. IT IS MY BIRTHDAY!!! 7days till I am officially OLD, but not really OLD, just older...

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Rachel said...

OMG-Happy Birthday soon. I love birthdays.