Thursday, November 6, 2008

On Being The Mother of a Jedi

Every time we have gone to Disneyland we go see the Jedi Academy. It is a really cool interactive show where they instruct young children on how to become a Jedi, complete with the children actually becoming a certified Jedi at the end of the show.

Cal is always one of the kids jumping up and down, begging to be chosen. The disappointment in his eyes when he does not get chosen is heartbreaking.

This time, however, he got chosen to participate.

Imagine our excitement.

Big Daddy stood by and took about 30 pictures and a shit ton of video. And without further ado, for your viewing pleasure...

I do not actually see my kid in this pic,
so I have no idea why I am posting it

There he is...

All certified and stuff

OMG, this video is taking forever to upload. Seriously! Probably because it is so longggg. Good thing we bought that 4GB memory card for my new camera, or else this would have been deleted before we even came home from vacation. It would have taken up the whole memory of our old 256MB card...I actually have another video to upload to this post, and it is much shorter, so it should upload so much faster, but geez, I am getting gray hairs from sitting here waiting for so long. I should probably walk away and do something else, but then you would not get to hear my thought process anymore, and I know how sad you would be if you were not reading this right now.

Big Daddy bought a new keyboard for the computer the other day, because I used the other one so much that all the letters were disappearing off of the keys. Apparently he has to stare at the keyboard when he types.

Have you ever had the Baked Potato soup from Chili's? OMG, it is so delicious. I am going to try to emulate that for dinner tonight. Hey, remember when I used to participate in Menu Plan Monday? That always made my dinners go so smoothly every night. I should start participating in that again.

Seriously. This video has taken at least 20 minutes to upload. Are you kidding me???

I need to go BACK to the store for some sour cream.
I can hardly wait to start decorating my house for Christmas.
Have I told you all that I am going to be 30 years old on Thanksgiving this year. Yup, 3 weeks till my birfffdayyy. I don't really feel old. I hope I never do.

I made a new friend in my Business Law class. We went out to coffee together after our test yesterday and we got in a fist fight over who was going to pay for the coffee. Heh. I'm lying, but that would have been a terrifically bloggable story. We did get in a fight about paying, though. I won. I made her buy the coffee. Heh. I am lying again. I did win, but I got to buy the coffee. I totally owed her, since she took awesome notes for me while I was galavanting around Disneyland.

OMG, I have no idea, but that last story was all crazy and stuff.

Maybe if I walk away from the computer and start working on dinner then when I come back the video will have uploaded (doubtful)...Seriously. This video is so long that you are not even going to watch it all the way through. You are going to get bored and stop it half way through. If I was uploading this for you, then I would have cancelled it a long time ago. I am actually just putting it on here to have on here. So there. Kudos to you if you attempt to watch the whole thing, though!

OK, I just left, went and picked up the princess from school, 25 minutes later, I returned home, and this dang video is still uploading. This could take all day. Seriously.
We should count the number of times that I have said "seriously" in this post. It is probably astronomical. Or something.

OK, so I decided to upload it to youtube and it took less than a half hour. Please note that I started this post over 2 hours ago...

He is so excited to be a Jedi. His souvenirs consisted of a Jedi Trading Pin and a light saber that hew built himself (among other things). It actually lights up and is about 5 feet long, he brags. was twice as expensive as the light sabers that are not DIY...(I am not complaining, I actually think that all of the souvenirs are quite reasonably priced there...) I'm just sayin'.


The Fishers said...

Okay. Only five "seriouslys" from my count. And you're right, I didn't watch the video. I started it and then saw how long it was. I'm sure Cal will appreciate it one day.
Intersting insight into your thought process. How did you dinner go? If the soup turned out, I would like the recipe, please.

~Billie~ said...

OMG! That is so freakin' cool! I had to tell Hubby about the Jedi Academy and, of course, he now wants to go.
Oh, and you crack me up! LOL! 2 hours?!? That's insane!

Mrs. F said...

Lisa~ I am going to email you the recipe. It was super good, but it made A LOT!!!

Billie~ Actually, it was more like 2 1/2 hours plus...Your boys will LOVE the Jedi Academy.

Midwest Mommy said...

I love your ramblings while waiting! Too funny. The Hubs would love to go there. I can't believe he hasn't told me about this.

Sarah said...

you are such a but I love ya. so what's the plan for your birthday??

Mrs. F said...

Midwest MomMy~ Yes, your husb would love it. Alllll men do.

Sarah~ I am thinking of having a partayy at my house on Dec 6th. Evites should come out soon enough!