Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pretty Pretty Princessy Girl Stuff. With Boys.

While at Disneyland the plan was to take the kids to lunch with the princess in Ariel's Grotto at California Adventures.

I, being the cheap ass frugal Momma that I am, decided not to go. I did, however let Rissa go with her Aunties, Uncles, and cousins*...

I was there before they went in to the restaurant, and I was there when they got out of the restaurant. It is almost like I was actually there during the duration of the lunch though, what with all the pictures that Amy took.

Next time we go to Disneyland I am definitely going to shell out the $30 per person to go to this lunch. It looks soooo worth it.

And? Rissa totally behaved and ate all her lunch. She did not act up at all. It is going to be worth the money, just for that alone!!!

My computer is AMAZING me right now, as I upload these photos. When I take a picture on my camera it automatically rotates it. When I put them on the computer as soon as we got home from vacation they went back to being sideways and stuff. Everything was saved in our external hard drive as we dumped the computer. When he was making the computer all fresh and pretty he "upgraded" to Windows Vista, as opposed to the old Windows XP that we used to have. When I view my pictures in thumbnail size on the external drive folders, I see the pictures sideways. When I open them up and view them large, I see them the right side up. I was so sure that half of these pictures that I just loaded on to this post were going to make you have to turn your computer on it's side just to see them properly. What a nice surprise when they showed up on my post all right side up! Squeal!

Also? If you are wondering why Rissa is wearing a Belle dress and all the other girls are wearing Cinderella...I brought Rissa's Cinderella dress and told her to wear it. She INSISTED on wearing her Belle dress [for a second day in a row, since we went trick-or-treating the night before]. When we got to the lunch and she saw all the other girls putting on their Cinderella dress, then, and only then, did she tell me she wanted to be Cinderella...She got over it, but I am just saying, so you will know that she was in no way left out, nor was she deprived.

Without further ado, I give you...The Princess Lunch. (And a bunch of kids that are not mine. I hope their Mommy's do not mind!)

Snow White, Tora, and Rissa

Cinderella, HayHay, and Bree

Rissa, Cinderella, and Tora

Tora, Cinderella, and Rissa

Jasmine with HayHay, Mommy and Bree in the back

Jasmine and Rissa

Jasmine and Vin

Sleeping Beauty and Tora

Sleeping Beauty and Rissa

Sleeping Beauty and Vin

Tora, Rissa, Ariel, and Vin

Zorro, Bree, Ariel, and HayHay

HayHay and Zorro[not his real name]

Pretty Princesses ready for lunch

Tora, Bree, and Rissa
*Our adopted family. My BFF's family, actually, but we call them Auntie, Uncle, and cousins. They mean a lot to us, and our family would not be complete without them!


The Fishers said...

Okay. That looks like so much fun. And Rissa's hair looks so good. Is that her real hair? I am so jealous.

Steph said...

That looks like a blast. And how cute all the girls dressed up like princess's!!! I love it. $30 is a lot...but I might be willing to pay it after seeing those pictures! We were just talking to the kids tonight about wanting to take them to Disneyland.

Mrs. F said...

Lisa~ No, that is a ponytail thingy that Uncle Aldo bought at Target. A lady on the bus on the way back to the hotel the night before was so surprised that I let her do her hair. I am pretty sure, in hindsight, that she thought that was her real hair, too, and that Rissa let me spend hours curling her long, luscious locks. HEhe.

Steph~Your kids, at their ages, will LOVE Disneyland! You could just take Swae and let the boys go off and do other things, because she will love it!

Mrs. F said...

Steph~ I meant you could just take Swae to the princess lunch, not take her alone to Disneyland, haha.