Thursday, November 13, 2008

Temper Tantrums. Not Just For Children Anymore.

The hubs woke up not too long ago and the first thing out of his mouth was something along the lines of "What the heck happened here?"

My response? "Oh, I did that. I ran in to the door."

I am such a liar.

You want to know what really happened?

I was getting the kids ready for school and we were running late. Only about 5 or 10 minutes late, but still. Late.

I finish putting the girl's hair up in several ponies, she starts screaming and crying that they are too tight, and starts ripping them out. WE WERE ALREADY RUNNING LATE!

I storm off, because for some reason THIS IRRITATES THE HELL OUT OF ME and I could not control myself.

I run into the edge of the stairs, which happen to stick out about an inch and a half. My arm is throbbing. What transpires next is really pathetic.

The laundry "room" doors are bi-fold doors. They were both open. So picture me walking down my hall way, my arm throbbing, I am irritated because we are running late and the girl demon child is screaming about her stupid hair hurting. I am the super mature parent, so instead of calmly closing the laundry door, I push on it, in an attempt to get my point across that I am MAD. Instead of this having the effect I had hoped it would have, it had more of the Incredible Hulk effect. I pushed the door so hard that it BROKE off the hinges. The wood is splintered and the door is laying on the ground. So then I am pissed at myself for breaking my super cute door, so what do I do? I walk in to the kitchen and find the door to the garage wide open. With every ounce of force in my body, I slam that sucker. The walls vibrate, as does the refrigerator. I turn my back and pray that the things on top of the fridge do not come flying down and decapitate me. My prayers were answered, but should they have been? Jeez.

I needed a good spanking, it was clear.

How the hubs was able to sleep through all that, I have no idea.

On the way to take the kids to school I had my coffee in hand (no lid, of course, as is par for the day!) and as I am coming to a stop at a red light I dumped steaming hot coffee on my breasteses.

I totally deserved it. I know.

I am going to the gym now to work out some frustrations. Please, enjoy these pictures.

Be frightened.


I showed that door who is boss!


Steph said...

I'm sorry, but that is so funny to me!!!! And I am loving the pictures to prove it and the "RAWR" had me rolling.

The Fishers said...

Is it just me or have you had other tantrums you've posted about?
Thanks for the laughs.

Mrs. F said...

Steph~ Heh. Thanks. It is kinda funny now, it was freaky when it was happening.

Lisa~ Why you always gotta be calling me out? Here is one: where I was no doubt having an adult sized temper tantrum. And here is another that could have gone seriously awry:
Also? You're welcome!

~Billie~ said...

OMG! You crack me up! Those poor doors! I can't believe you took out your frustration on them. HaHaHA!!
Your husband must be a pretty heavy sleeper.

Rachel said...

I have those days. I hate rushing because I always end up doing something like that but hey Paloma, the way you described it does make it sound pretty funny.