Wednesday, November 26, 2008

You Are A Boob

A couple days ago I called my Mom to ask her what I should bring to her house as my contribution to the family's Thanksgiving dinner. She then handed the phone to my step-dad, who told me that I was not required to bring anything.

Tomorrow marks the thirtieth anniversary of the day my Mom became a mother. Also? The day I was born.

So I just kinda figured that I was not being asked to bring anything because I was getting off easy, since it is my birthday and all.

Today I called my Mom to double check that I am to bring nothing, and also to make sure that the only sweet offerings were not going to be Apple and pumpkin pie, since I am not a fan of either, and I would much prefer a cake, or at least a cheesecake to celebrate my birthday.

Turns out my step-dad is a giant boob.

I am still expected to bring the green bean casserole and the candied yams. And now my mom has to go to the store to buy me a cake. (That is what she gets for passing the phone off to him!)

So, my friends, I am off to brave the raging rapids, better known as the grocery store...Have you ever been to the grocery store the day before Thanksgiving? It is like trying to go to Target at 6am on black Friday...sheer madness.

Wish me luck!


Ellie said...

lol! good luck!

The Fishers said...

I just went and it wasn't half bad. I love shopping on Black Friday, just for the fun of it. I enjoy the madness. Crazy, I know.

Rachel said...

Good luck and Happy soon birthday.

followthatdog said...

well, happy birthday. that sucks.

Sister Sassy said...

Happy birthday! I went yesterday and did self check out-it went just fine. But If I had to do all of it I would have cried.

Happy thanksgiving!

Cristina Mathers said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and i saw buy some champage rather than cheesecake and celebrate properly. plus it will numb the pain! =)

Mrs. F said...

Ellie~ Thank you!

Lisa~ I tried to go to just one store today and their server was down. I took that as a sign to go home.

Rachel~ Thank you and thank you!

Followthatdog~ Thank you.

Sister Sassy~ You were right, it was not that bad! And Thank You!

Christina~ Hahaha. Numbing the pain sounds way better than a slice of cheesecake. Good idea!
And thank you for the birthday wishes!

~Billie~ said...

LOL! Too funny. I hope you made it out with both arms!

~Billie~ said...

Ohh... And Happy Late Birthday! Sorry I missed it. =)