Saturday, December 20, 2008

I Am Probably Going To Divorce You, And NO, I am NOT Kidding

All right. Maybe I just need someone to talk me down off this ledge, but I swear to all things Holy, I can not fucking stand my husband right now.

My Dad called me this morning and I was sleeping. Cal took a message and told him that I would call him back.

My Step-Dad just called me and told me that the kids called them this morning. Oh yeah, and as an after-thought he told me that my Dad also called them, too. My Dad just wanted to talk to my Mom. No surprise, although he never calls her, he always feels like he has something to say to her. He feels bad for being a shitty father, and for being a shitty husband to my Mom, forcing her to leave him when my brother and I were very young. Anywayssss. I asked my Step-Dad to give the phone to my Mom so I could see what exactly it was that my Dad said to her.

My Mom gets on the phone and tells me that my Dad called to tell her that he went to the doctor and was informed that he has cancer (not really a shock as he has had this horrendous tumor on his spine for quite some time). He has been given a month to live.

So while I stayed strong while I was on the phone with my Mom, I completely broke down as soon as I got off the phone with her.

The kids came running and were comforting me, asking what was wrong, and I told them.

My stupid dumb-ass heartless fucking husband came in and asked what was wrong. I was sobbing so hard, so the kids told him why I was crying.

At a moment when I could have used a hug more than anything else in the world, do you want to know what he did? He was like, "Oh, dang." Then he fucking turned around and opened the refrigerator, scavenging for breakfast.

He turned his back to get breakfast.**

As I am sobbing about the fact that my Dad has been given about a month to live.

He turned his back on me.

I will never, ever, ever fucking forget that.


**Then he got himself a cup of coffee, and went to the living room to play video games with the boy.


MarvelousMOM said...

I would be so heart broken if my husband reacted like that. I am so very sorry.

Grandy said...

Breathe honey. Breathe! I'm imagining my hubby saying, "Bummer!" and feeling your pain.

Vic said...


Cristina Mathers said...

so sorry, men can be so insensitive. i hope he did that because he didn't have the right words and was confused. and i hope that he's made it up to you since you posted this.

followthatdog said...

I'm so sorry. Sorry to hear about your dad's prognosis, but also so sorry to hear about your husband's response. I wish I could step in and give you a big hug to make up for it. Then I'd take you out and get you very very drunk.