Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I Can Tell You Love Me

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Yeah, my friends, I had one of THOSE moments today.

I was aimlessly wondering around the store this morning, when my phone rang.

It was Big Daddy's aunt. Big Daddy. You know...my husband for the past ALMOST EIGHT YEARS...

She is telling me of this lovely idea she has come up with to host a Christmas luncheon in her home in a couple of weeks, on a Saturday afternoon. I tell her that absolutely we will be there, but chances are good that Big Daddy will not be able to make it, since he works on Saturdays. I will come along with the children and it will be good fun for everyone.

You know what she says next???

Nope. You will NEVER guess, so I will just tell you.

"Oh, OK. How many kids do you have now?"

Me: Oh, uh, er. Still just the two.

Her: Oh. Right, right. I thought that maybe you might have had another one.

Me: Oh, haha. No. We are sticking with two.

Her: Huh. What are their names?

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I tell her and she then asks how old they are, which is really no big deal, because how should she be expected to remember how old they are?

But seriously?????

How many kids do I have?

What are their names????


Photos courtesy of other peoples photobucket accounts. I think you can click on them or something to find out...


~Billie~ said...

LMAO! Too funny! Poor lady, maybe old age is getting the best of her. Are you sure you only have 2?!? =)

Mrs. F said...

Steph~ If you ever read this. I have been locked out of your blog. What is up with that?

Mrs. F said...

Billie~ Old age? I think not. She is barely 50-ish. 55 at the oldest...I hope I only have 2 kids still, otherwise one is seriously neglected!

MarvelousMOM said...

Oh my goodness...what the heck!?!? I would be so...irritated by this. It is funny in a way and yet not so funny in another. Crazy...

Grandy said...

And you arrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeee?????


I'm feelin' the love baby!!

Mrs. F said...

Marvelous Mom~ I know, right?

Grandy~ Can you feel the love tonight? Wow, I am totally singing Disney songs in my head now. TY!