Saturday, December 13, 2008

Is It Getting Sick In Here Or Is It Just You?

Random photo.
This is how we swim in December: In Mommy's jacket

Yesterday was a pretty busy day.

The boy child was home sick from school, so I had to do super sneaky running around in the morning while he stayed home with Big Daddy.

Here was my plan: I was going to go to the WalMart that is on the way to my Mom's house, I was going to purchase Miss Riss's big Christmas present there, then I was going to take it to my Mom's house and store it in a storage shed in her back yard.

So, I go to the WalMart, search everywhere for this dang bike that I was sure they would have there, but didn't.

So I had to leave and backtrack all the way across town the WalMart wayyy closer to my house for this bike. The people in line were nice enough to let me go ahead of them, which was super awesome since I was on a time restraint. I had to take the bike to my Mom's house still, then I had to go back to my house, pick up the boy and take him to the doctor.

So I get the bike to my Mom's house, and she is NOT there, which really, should not have been a huge deal. I know how to open a gate. I can take the bike to the backyard by myself. So I get the chair from her front porch and I take it over to the gate, where I spend about 10 minutes trying to get that sucker to flippin' open, which it wouldn't. Then I decide to go to the fence on the other side of the back yard and just go the long way. Except that that stupid gate would NOT open, either. I was flustered and my fingers hurt from trying to finagle the damn latches open. I ended up just leaving the bike behind her garbage cans and called her house and told her to deal with it when she got home.

Thankfully when she got home, the bike was still where I left it, but I was pretty worried...

So I got back to my house and picked up Cal to take him to the doctor. We got there seven minutes late, but mostly because the entrance to the brand new parking garage was a nightmare.

[Dear Kaiser, Please work on that. thankyouverymuch.]

Anywayyyy, turns out the boy has hand, foot, mouth disease. The name alone makes me want to vomit...He still looks pretty normal though, so that is good, you know, aside from the bumps that cover his body, including the palms of his hands and the inside of his mouth. No wonder he could not talk on Thursday...poor kid. He was communicating with me via a white board. So pathetic.

Stickers: Proof that he went to the doctor

At 6pm we had to leave to go back to the kids' school for a Kindergarten performance at the PTA meeting. I love (heh) how all the parents think that they are the only damn person in the audience with a freaking camera and they just stand up in the front freaking row.


The sweet little Kinders were all dressed in their Sunday best. They worked really hard on their program, and they were super adorable performing. Of course, Miss Riss was the freaking cutest.

Hint: She is the only white kid in this picture

Can't really see my kid in this pic. Heh.

This blurry pic was too cute NOT to post.
Andddd..... a video. She is the fourth reindeer from the left.


Misguided Mommy said...

oh boy. we have our first concert thingy next week. Brandon and his friends will be caroling and I am so excited to see the little show!

Also..reference to above post. I once stomped on a record of that song because my evil step mom wouldn't stop playing it over and over and over

Mrs. F said...

Misguided~ I expect to see pictures of his performance.
Does hearing that song still make you cringe? There is this one song that my mom's ex-husband used to sing all the time and every time I hear it on the radio I have to walk away (I usually hear it in the mall or restaurants on their Muzak system.)

MarvelousMOM said...

That video is so cute! I love it.

mamikaze said...

Your kid sticks on in the opposite way mine does!! She is so cute in the video.

When Fluffy had HFM at 4 the ped told us that it's not contagious after they break out. They spread it around for 2-3 weeks beforehand without anyone knowing. Special.