Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sorry I'm Not Home Right Now, I'm Walking In a Spiderweb

We are scheduled to move on Monday.

My house looks like it has looked for the past two years.

I think I have 4 boxes packed.

No time to blog or read blogs.

Gotta getter dunn.

In the midst of all this I have to study for work tests.

I will return next week!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

So Much To Do, So Little Time. Ack!

Today the governator is making stuff happen (not happy about this AT ALL):

SACRAMENTO, CA - A judge has sided with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in his bid to save money by forcing state workers to take days off without pay.

The two-day-a-month furloughs are scheduled to start next week.

The Professional Engineers in California Government and the California Association of Professional Scientists had filed the lawsuit, challenging Schwarzenegger's executive order.

The governor has no authority to take actions, like mandatory furloughs, without legislative approval, the unions argued in a press release sent to News10.

A Sacramento County Superior Court judge disagreed. He also cited the state's financial condition.

In his order Thursday, Judge Patrick Marlette said: "The current circumstances constitute an emergency. "
Schwarzenegger had warned Wednesday that unless public employee unions don't accept proposed furloughs, he may have no choice but to lay off workers.

The Governor said he is seeking to cut $1.4 billion in labor costs from the budget. California will be forced to make billions of dollars in cuts to close a deficit projected to hit $42 billion through June 2010.

Big Daddy works for the great state of California and this news is hitting us hard!

The fact that I got a job and I start training tomorrow could not have happened at a better time. Oh, wait. What's that? Yeah, you read me right. I got a j-o-b. Word up. I am so freakishly excited.

What is my new job?

I am going to be slangin burgers for a living.

As a server in a restaurant, of course.

I start my first day of training tomorrow, and when I say training, I mean boot camp for burger slangers.


There is going to be testing.

Testing that I have to get 100% on, or I get sent home. If I fail the test a second time I will lose my job. It sounds pretty intense, but I am quite confident that it is something that I can do.

So here is what happened: Tuesday I was out trolling around town, handing in applications. I was fortunate enough to be able to speak with the assistant general manager at one restaurant and we sat down and had a nice long chat. I left there thinking that they were not really hiring. I moved on and went to the next restaurant down the road. I handed in my application, went out to my car and my phone rang. The woman that I had just talked to at the first restaurant was calling to welcome me to the team. How awesome is that??? In my dreams of grandeur, that is exactly what I had imagined. Oh, and since I have already directed you to the last post, can I just tell you right now that the girl who shot me down is now one of my co-workers? Haha. No hard feelings.

In the midst of studying my 207 page work book I am also packing up our house. Not 24 hours after receiving the news that I got a job, we also received news of being approved for the house we had applied to rent.

We move in on Monday.

And since I am such a fabulous photographer I will include the best picture ever of the new house. This is the kitchen/breakfast nook and it is messy because we went to see it when the previous tenant was busy cleaning. The school bus yellow has gots to go. What color do you suppose I should put up in its place? Red, green, or taupe?

I was feeling pretty lucky yesterday and I know that I should have bought some lottery tickets, but I didn't.

Oh well.

So my friends, I need some input. What color should the new dining area be?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

On Losing Power and Losing Teeth

Last week I was blow drying my hair in my bathroom when all of a sudden the power went out in the house. Not all of the power, just the blow dryer, the TV, the computer, and the laptop. You know, the stuff that was on. Anyways, I walked outside to the power box (I know it is called something else, but I am drawing a blank on that right now), opened up the lid and flipped the two switches that were now in the off position.

Fast forward to last Wednesday or Thursday when Big Daddy was watching TV. Rissa came in wanting him to switch it to cartoons, acting like a real turkey. She eventually walked out front, saying she was going to go jump rope. Within minutes the power on the TV was out, as well as the power to the computers. I could hear the neighbors dog barking, so I went outside to investigate. The moral of the story, in a gist, is to never let your five year old know that the breaker box thingy controls the power to the appliances inside the house. She will exercise her new-found power liberally.


Last night we trekked out to Novato to go to Hay-Hay's birthday party. Cal got super excited when we got there, because he realized that we were at Zorro's house, and Zorro is pure awesome in his eyes. Zorro was upstairs with a couple of his friends, so, of course, Cal also wanted to be upstairs.

Cal: Uncle T, can I go upstairs and play darts with Zorro?

Uncle T: Can I pull your tooth out?

Cal: Um, OK.

T said he stuck his finger in there, wiggled the tooth a couple of times, then gave it a good tug. He looked at the tooth in his hand and noticed that it was not bloody at all. He showed me the tooth and then we both looked at Cal, who, by this time, had blood gushing out of his tooth. We took him to the bathroom and cleaned him up, then we took pictures. He is so proud of his third tooth loss.

The kid with the villain that stole the tooth right out of his mouth


Can you see the new tooth already growing in?

Heh. So cute.

When we got home we put Cal's tooth under his pillow and this morning he woke up to find that the tooth fairy had left him 8 quarters. He was super excited.

How much does the tooth fairy leave for teeth in your neighborhood? Is the value the same for each tooth, or do molar's warrant a higher face value? Is the first tooth lost worth more to the fairy of all things teethy?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hi. My name is Debbie. Debbie Downer.

Forgive me for not really having much going on lately.

I have been simultaneously trying to find a job and a house.

Both ventures are major suckage. Seriously.

We found a house that we liked in a decent neighborhood, fair rental price, willing to accept us with our current situation, within walking distance to the kids school. We applied for it and got rejected. The reason? The landlord is looking for someone with higher income. Uh, excuse me. When did making four and a half times the amount of rent ever warrant not being a high enough income??? They came to this conclusion without even pulling up our credit report, too.

So, that is discouraging.

Looking for a job...also discouraging.

I have replied to nearly every posting that I have found online for a restaurant server. I find it frustrating that I have not even had one single response. Not one.

I have been spending Monday and Tuesday afternoons scouting out at all the local restaurants, getting all dressed up and in full make up with my hair done, asking 18 year old children for applications. There is nothing like having an 18 year old act like she is better than you when she talks down to you. I like to call the empty-handed walk out of the restaurant the "Walk of shame". I go in there, put on my pretty smile, ask for an application, and promptly get dissed by a child, "Sorry, we are not hiring right now, so we are not even handing out applications."

It is all quite humbling, because let me tell you, I had dreams of grandeur. I was going to walk in to a restaurant, ask for an application, fill it out on the spot, and the manager was going to love my sparkling personality sooo much that they insisted on hiring me to start work that very day.
So to be put in my place instead of letting me reside on cloud nine, well, that is awfully nice of the people who send me scurrying away with my tail between my legs, eh.

In other news, my head may explode from this sinusy thing I have going on right now. I have no idea what is wrong with me, but yesterday we were in the car and I sneezed, then coughed, or something like that, I don't really remember, but Cal asked me if I was OK, and all of the sudden my head started to feel like it was going to freaking EXPLODE! I am pretty sure it was a sinus headache from hell, but for all I know it could be something more, like a sinus infection or something stupid like that. My nose actually hurts, so that sucks.

Tell me you have something better, happier, healthier, and more wonderful going on. You do, don't you?

P.S. I have over 100 unread blogs to catch up on, I will get there, and I apologize for not stopping by and commenting, but the hubs worked early shifts all last week (meaning he was home A LOT!), then he had Saturday through Tuesday off work and I had very little time to do what I normally do, which is sit in front of this computer and read blogs for longs periods of time throughout the day.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Yay. A Day At Bay.

My sister [ok, my step-sister, pish-posh] came into town for a week and a half from Mississippi (what a great word to spell) and aside from our numerous shopping trips, I feel like I hardly got to do anything with her. So when she said that she needed a ride to San Francisco to get to her hotel next to the airport, I jumped on the chance. Our kids had mega fun together the whole time they were in town, I had mega fun with her, we wanted to go do touristy things in the city, so it seemed like a win-win situation.

We left for San Fran at about 1 o'clock in the afternoon and we took my car, since it gets better gas mileage than the Tahoe. The three kids sat quietly in the back seat (picture me laughing like a mad woman here) and we made it to the city in no time at all (even if it felt like a 5 hour drive, what with all the nonsense going on in the back seat)!

I took this photo of the kids chasing birds while we were looking for the bathrooms. We ended up walking quite a ways more before we actually found the restrooms. I probably should look at my pictures when I take them. Heh.

Seeing as how I had never really done touristy things in SF with the kids, and my sister was only there for a day, we deicided to take a tour on a fleet around Alcatraz. I thought it was funny that I would suggest that we do this, seeing as how I normally get paid to go on a boat around the bay and now I was actually paying to go around the bay, but she had never been, so I was really excited for her to do it.

She loves me.

Did you know Alcatraz is really a rock, more than an island.

Yes, my daughter is wearing a sundress in January.

A guided tour via headphones.

Staying warm inside. So dang cute!


Guess what they were barking at? Cal will tell you in the video. It was ridiculously cute. Gav kept calling them whales. I wish I would have caught that on tape. He is so stinking adorable. Anyway, the video is short. The kids are cute. Watch it.

We went and got dinner and he could not fit his mouth around the hot dog. I thought it was soooo adorable. I have about 5 more pictures of him trying to take a bite of his hot dog!

We promised ourselves at the beginning of our day that if we saw any bronze statues of sea lions that we were going to pose the kids on them. Turns out that they actually do have bronze sea lions for our posing pleasure. We were totally joking.

Kissy, kissy

OMG, he is so handsome, and yes, he was wearing shorts.
He never complained about being cold. I promise.
Please hang up the phone already. No need to involve CPS.

Gav. The appropriately dressed cute little muffin.

At least she had pants on with her sundress.
It makes sliding down sea lions much easier.

Next to impossible to get the three of them to pose.
As good as it gets.

Friday, January 2, 2009

On Day Two of Budgeting I am NOT Overwhelmed, Next Week I Might Be.

Happy New Years, everyone! It has been a whirlwind of a couple weeks, so let me apologize right now for having gone missing. I am slowly catching up with my blog reading, and y'all know that I have tons of photos to load into this here blog from the hollerdays. (Did I mention my step-sister is here from Mississippi and I have developed a slight twang? Heh.)

I recently relinquished control of my household.

I took over the bills, something that I let Big Daddy take over three years ago. I was being a lazy douche, because really? Who doesn't love to have money in their bank account? I was at a point where I would have rather let the money sit in the bank all month and make the bank think we were rich, than pay a bill.

Don't get me wrong, I paid some of the bills, just not all of them (usually the utilities). It was a horrible time in my life, we had just moved to a new town and I was bored and you could have pegged me for a depressed person, even though I always kept my shiny, happy exterior (this is however the point in life where I became 80 pounds heavier, so shiny happy exterior is more referring to my attitude and facial expressions.)...

So let me get to the point.

I paid all our bills, set aside money for the bills that are automatically deducted from our account in the middle of the month, and went to the ATM to take out cash for the groceries for the whole month.

I have no idea what I am doing, really.

I withdrew $320 for groceries for the month. I have no clue if this is going to be enough money to eat on, so there is other monies set aside, just in case. Also, this does not include the $100 I set aside for dining out. Nor does it include the $150 I set aside for toiletries (I have no idea what is included in toiletries, but I imagine that it is all the taxable items that we use.)

So my question to you, my dear friends, is this: How much do you spend, either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly on groceries? Do you budget? Do you use coupons? Where do you get your most bang for the buck?