Sunday, January 25, 2009

On Losing Power and Losing Teeth

Last week I was blow drying my hair in my bathroom when all of a sudden the power went out in the house. Not all of the power, just the blow dryer, the TV, the computer, and the laptop. You know, the stuff that was on. Anyways, I walked outside to the power box (I know it is called something else, but I am drawing a blank on that right now), opened up the lid and flipped the two switches that were now in the off position.

Fast forward to last Wednesday or Thursday when Big Daddy was watching TV. Rissa came in wanting him to switch it to cartoons, acting like a real turkey. She eventually walked out front, saying she was going to go jump rope. Within minutes the power on the TV was out, as well as the power to the computers. I could hear the neighbors dog barking, so I went outside to investigate. The moral of the story, in a gist, is to never let your five year old know that the breaker box thingy controls the power to the appliances inside the house. She will exercise her new-found power liberally.


Last night we trekked out to Novato to go to Hay-Hay's birthday party. Cal got super excited when we got there, because he realized that we were at Zorro's house, and Zorro is pure awesome in his eyes. Zorro was upstairs with a couple of his friends, so, of course, Cal also wanted to be upstairs.

Cal: Uncle T, can I go upstairs and play darts with Zorro?

Uncle T: Can I pull your tooth out?

Cal: Um, OK.

T said he stuck his finger in there, wiggled the tooth a couple of times, then gave it a good tug. He looked at the tooth in his hand and noticed that it was not bloody at all. He showed me the tooth and then we both looked at Cal, who, by this time, had blood gushing out of his tooth. We took him to the bathroom and cleaned him up, then we took pictures. He is so proud of his third tooth loss.

The kid with the villain that stole the tooth right out of his mouth


Can you see the new tooth already growing in?

Heh. So cute.

When we got home we put Cal's tooth under his pillow and this morning he woke up to find that the tooth fairy had left him 8 quarters. He was super excited.

How much does the tooth fairy leave for teeth in your neighborhood? Is the value the same for each tooth, or do molar's warrant a higher face value? Is the first tooth lost worth more to the fairy of all things teethy?


MarvelousMOM said...

Look how cute! Swae has a few teeth that are loose right now.
And the things with flipping the breakers is funny!!!! Cracks me up how smart kids are and the things they will do.

Grandy said...

That breaker box story is hysterical!! ;)

Yeah on the missing toofus!!

~Billie~ said...

Oh my! I can't believe she turned of the breaker! That is hilarious! I may have to try that with my hubby... LOL!
3rd tooth?!? Cal is getting so big! He looks totally proud too!

mommymommyland said...

1st tooth is worth more, the rest are what a quarter? But I am sure that is adjusted for cost of living in our neck of the woods, so $2 is probably about the same!!!

mamikaze said...

At Rissa is a devious one. Wow.

Call looks so proud after his tooth came out!

The tooth fairy is fickle around here. Sometimes she leaves money, sometimes she leaves trinkets and sugarless treats.