Thursday, January 29, 2009

So Much To Do, So Little Time. Ack!

Today the governator is making stuff happen (not happy about this AT ALL):

SACRAMENTO, CA - A judge has sided with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in his bid to save money by forcing state workers to take days off without pay.

The two-day-a-month furloughs are scheduled to start next week.

The Professional Engineers in California Government and the California Association of Professional Scientists had filed the lawsuit, challenging Schwarzenegger's executive order.

The governor has no authority to take actions, like mandatory furloughs, without legislative approval, the unions argued in a press release sent to News10.

A Sacramento County Superior Court judge disagreed. He also cited the state's financial condition.

In his order Thursday, Judge Patrick Marlette said: "The current circumstances constitute an emergency. "
Schwarzenegger had warned Wednesday that unless public employee unions don't accept proposed furloughs, he may have no choice but to lay off workers.

The Governor said he is seeking to cut $1.4 billion in labor costs from the budget. California will be forced to make billions of dollars in cuts to close a deficit projected to hit $42 billion through June 2010.

Big Daddy works for the great state of California and this news is hitting us hard!

The fact that I got a job and I start training tomorrow could not have happened at a better time. Oh, wait. What's that? Yeah, you read me right. I got a j-o-b. Word up. I am so freakishly excited.

What is my new job?

I am going to be slangin burgers for a living.

As a server in a restaurant, of course.

I start my first day of training tomorrow, and when I say training, I mean boot camp for burger slangers.


There is going to be testing.

Testing that I have to get 100% on, or I get sent home. If I fail the test a second time I will lose my job. It sounds pretty intense, but I am quite confident that it is something that I can do.

So here is what happened: Tuesday I was out trolling around town, handing in applications. I was fortunate enough to be able to speak with the assistant general manager at one restaurant and we sat down and had a nice long chat. I left there thinking that they were not really hiring. I moved on and went to the next restaurant down the road. I handed in my application, went out to my car and my phone rang. The woman that I had just talked to at the first restaurant was calling to welcome me to the team. How awesome is that??? In my dreams of grandeur, that is exactly what I had imagined. Oh, and since I have already directed you to the last post, can I just tell you right now that the girl who shot me down is now one of my co-workers? Haha. No hard feelings.

In the midst of studying my 207 page work book I am also packing up our house. Not 24 hours after receiving the news that I got a job, we also received news of being approved for the house we had applied to rent.

We move in on Monday.

And since I am such a fabulous photographer I will include the best picture ever of the new house. This is the kitchen/breakfast nook and it is messy because we went to see it when the previous tenant was busy cleaning. The school bus yellow has gots to go. What color do you suppose I should put up in its place? Red, green, or taupe?

I was feeling pretty lucky yesterday and I know that I should have bought some lottery tickets, but I didn't.

Oh well.

So my friends, I need some input. What color should the new dining area be?


~Billie~ said...

CONGRATS!! A job AND and apartment! Awesome news! I have a fondness for green... maybe a light, sage green color? I agree... the yellow has to go.
I heard about the CA cutbacks... that is so crazy! Is it going to affect your husbands job much?

The Fishers said...

I am so stoked for you and your good fortune lately. I hope it continues. I say go gray. A light gray... so lovely.

MarvelousMOM said...

Red. I love red in kitchens. Sorry about the cutbacks. We are getting ready for a 6% cut in pay.

Elizabeth said...

Hot damn woman! Well done!
I think you should go taupe in the kitchen. And wine. Mix it up a little. And then drink lots of wine in it. ;)

Grandy said...

Oh have more things to worry about than the color of the paint. You have got GOOD SH!T HAPPENING!! Have you survived the packing? Hang in there!!!!

Rachel said...

I always love a light yellow or a tan for the walls. So easy to work with that and the yellow makes it bright. Also depends on your style.