Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The One With The Uncensored Peek Into My Life

My kids went off track from school on the 5th of February.

They have been driving me berserk since that day!

Let's add in the fact that it has been raining for about a week...straight.


What you are about to see has been happening every day.

Granted, there are good moments, too, like when they play hide and seek 400 times a day and Cal always hides in the same spot. Every. Time. And Riss spends 15 minutes looking for him, then he gets bored from sitting in the same spot, so he goes to switch spots and that is when she finds him. That part is entertaining!

But this. This is just annoying.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Photo Blog About Painting and I am Making You Look at it, Because This Took Me A Whole Week To Do, So There

All right folks, I know you have all been anticipating the arrival of this post.

What? You haven't?

Oh, well maybe I have just been anticipating being able to write this post, because that would mean that I was finally done painting the damn dining room.

I believe you recall me showing you a picture of the room before we moved in here, and asking what color you all thought I should paint the room to cover up the taxi-cab/school bus/big-bird-exploded-in-here yellow paint.

So I decided to go with pink. (Which NO ONE suggested)

You likey?

What do you mean it reminds you of a child's bedroom?

I think it is purrrrty

OK, I was kidding, that was primer.
I made it red. This is after one coat.

After two coats of paint.

After three coats of paint.

After deciding that is was taking too much effort I decided to go to Home Depot. The nice man there pointed out the little cross next to the name of the paint.
He explained to me that when I see that cross I need to understand that is is going to take a couple of coats, per the stupid disclaimer on the back of the paint sample.

Four coats of paint and a second trip to Home Dep0t later and I am finally declaring it done.

Pretty, huh!

Probably should have swept the floor, but I was too excited to post this than to bother with that piddly stuff.

Big Daddy has been calling me 'Red' for about four days now. I don't know why. It's not like I had paint on my hair or my skin or my clothes, or anything, really. Heh.

I started this project a week ago and I finally got to remove the tape from around the edges this morning and I just got done hanging stuff up in there. I love, love, love it. And even if I did not love it, I would still pretend like I did love it, because there is no way on G0d's green Earth that I am painting over it now. No way, no how!

The one person that said red, when I originally asked in the other post, was Steph, aka MarvelousMOM, if there was a prize for guessing, she would have won. Alas, there is no prize, so sorry.


I'm out. I have a cake in the oven for Big Daddy and I need to go finish tidying the house.

Friday, February 13, 2009

The One Where I Come Across as an Idiot, but I am Really Just an Unknowing Person and NOT an Idiot

I took my certification tests at work yesterday, and as it turns out, I still have a job. Whoopee! I can finally start making money, because when you are training to be a server what happens is this: You "follow" another server around. But really, when I say that you follow another server around, what I really mean, is that the other server lets you take all the orders, get all the drinks, run food, close checks, and everything in between. So, basically, I have been doing all the work for no pay. I have been working for another server's tips. So to finally be done with my training and ready to move out onto the floor all by myself, well, that is just plain exciting. I am going to be actually working for my own tips. Wheeee!

Last night, after work, I thought to myself, well since I have no kids right now and a big empty Tahoe, I guess I should swing by the old house and pick up some random crap that has been left behind (trust me, there is still lots of random crap). I pull up to the house and I am instantly thinking, "Huh. That is weird, I could have sworn we have been leaving the porch light on."

I put the truck in park anyways, since I am about to pee my pants, I go up to the house, unlock the door, I try to switch on the lights and BAM nothing happens. NOTHING.

The house remained PITCH BLACK!

Awww, crap. I am about to pee my pants at this point, and since I have the bladder of a 2 year old (or 80 year old, take your pick) I have no other option but to go inside.

So here I am, a 30 year old woman...swinging my leg around kung-fu style, making sure there is nothing in my way, because even though I know that house like I know the back of my hand, I had no idea if there were boxes in front of me or not. I am yelling (which really only sounds like yelling, but it is more like talking, but the house is mostly empty, so it is echoing), "There better not be any squatters in here." And basically acting wimpy. It is awesome.

I made it to the bathroom, still swinging the whole way, and this is the part where I think it would be funny to tell you that I fell into the toilet because someone left the seat up, but that did not happen, I am not that dense, I did actually feel to know that I had to put the seat down.

Soooo, I am talking to the hubs about an hour later while he is driving home from work. I say, "Oh, apparently when you tell PG&E that you are moving and you ask them to turn off your power, they actually DO IT." And I proceed to tell him my story that I just told you.

His response..."Yeahhhhh, about thaaaaat."

Apparently when he was unhooking the dishwasher on Wednesday he turned off the power on the breaker. And PG&E does not handle our lights, that is SMUD. PG&E is gas. So you can imagine how funny he thought my story was...

He actually asked me if I used my cell phone as a flashlight.

I swear I am not stupid, but it was in the truck, and if I had even thought about doing that, that would mean I would have had to walk all the way back to the truck. Did I mention that I had to peeeeeee?

Anyways, when I was thinking about writing this post last night, I was going to title it something like, "When you tell PG&E to turn off your power, they take you seriously". But since Big Daddy explained everything to me, well that would just sound stupid now, wouldn't it?


Most of the house is unpacked, and I am done studying for work stuff, so I am slowly catching up on my blog reading. I have also been painting my breakfast nooky area, and there is going to be a photo blog about that coming up. Believe me, it deserves it's own post...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Baby No Longer

My kids are looking very scraggly lately. Cal has a tooth just barely hanging on in the top front of his mouth. Neither one of my children has ventured to eat an apple in dayyyys, when normally they eat approximately 2 each, every day.

Little Riss woke up this morning at 9:15am. At 9:30am she had to go to the bathroom.

When she came out of the bathroom she was giddy with excitement.

"Mom, look!!!" pointing to her mouth and happy as a clam.

I had a moment of panic when I realized that she did not have the tooth in her hand. I asked her where it was and she could not tell me. Because she didn't know.

We quickly went to her bedroom where she ripped off her comforter, only to reveal her perfectly white and tiny tooth sitting smack dab in the middle of her bed.

We bagged that sucker up and stuck it under her pillow.

I can't believe she is not a baby anymore. I asked her who was going to be my baby now that she is such a big girl and she told me that Cal will be my baby now. Heh. What is a mommy to do when her babies aren't babies any longer. And don't you dare suggest that I am supposed to have another baby, because we are done with that stage in our lives, but geeze, now am I just expected to look back in nostalgia? Or what?

My baby lost her first tooth

Look mommy


Clean break

Isn't it adorable (in that weird creepy way that a tooth falling out of one's mouth is adorable)

I ran to the old house today to recover our 5 gallon water jug that is only 10% full of money so that the tooth fairy will have something to put under her pillow tonight. I need to go scrouge through that sucker.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The One Where I Make Myself Look Like A Slob For The Whole Wide Web To See

I like to believe that I am a fairly-semi-ok-sometimes-good-enough house keeper. What I am about to show you is evidence of otherwise. These are photos of moving day.

The Master sized mess.

Heh. The closet is still completely full.

Oh, look. I actually have an empty room.

See. It is completely empty. Yes, it is just a bathroom, but still...

My bedroom. I am so totally excited to finally be away from that wallpaper. Do you see the patch of missing paper? I did that to see how hard it was going to be to get it all off. It was next to impossible. I can finally buy a bedding set that I like instead of being forced to buy one that matches that damn wallpaper. I would lay on my back and look around feeling like I was sitting on the inside of a hat box. Previous owner said it reminded her of an ice cream shop (not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing, but she spent $8000 to have the walls prepped and have that wallpaper put up, so I imagine at one point in time she did like it). In any case, it is uggggggly.

The little man's room. Almost completely done.

The girly girl's bedroom. Not too bad.

The view from upstairs.

Screw moving boxes, we use garbage bags. Heh.

Um. Yes. My computer was still hooked up on moving day.

Zach is Big Daddy's cousin. Zach and big daddy's brother were painting and big daddy's brother did this right before shoving the oven back in to it's place, after all the paint was put away.

The laundry room.Ugh. That is just nasty. It still looks like this.

Not too bad from this view, but if only you could see that the other side of the room was built in shelves that were still mostly full of crap. On moving day.

Crap, crap, and more crap.

In case you were counting, I just showed you 7 different types of flooring in a 1417 square foot home. Four different colors of carpet, linoleum in the master bath, wood floors in the dining room/computer area, and tile in the hallway/kitchen...FYI I did not picture the other upstairs bathroom, which had yet another flooring type.

Anywho, I have been ridiculously busy this week, what with moving, unpacking, still packing, running from house to house, studying for these quizzes that I have every other day at work, actually working. Blah, blah, blah. I have barely had a second to breath lately. The first time I actually sat down yesterday was not until the kids were in bed. (I just read this and felt like I was maybe coming across as whiny, which I hope I wasn't, because I am really happy with the direction of life these days...)

I am exhausted and I have to work in 8 hours, so I'm out.

Hope you are all doing well, I am slowly catching up with my blog reading, but I still have nearly 200 unread blogs in my reader. I'll get there!