Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Baby No Longer

My kids are looking very scraggly lately. Cal has a tooth just barely hanging on in the top front of his mouth. Neither one of my children has ventured to eat an apple in dayyyys, when normally they eat approximately 2 each, every day.

Little Riss woke up this morning at 9:15am. At 9:30am she had to go to the bathroom.

When she came out of the bathroom she was giddy with excitement.

"Mom, look!!!" pointing to her mouth and happy as a clam.

I had a moment of panic when I realized that she did not have the tooth in her hand. I asked her where it was and she could not tell me. Because she didn't know.

We quickly went to her bedroom where she ripped off her comforter, only to reveal her perfectly white and tiny tooth sitting smack dab in the middle of her bed.

We bagged that sucker up and stuck it under her pillow.

I can't believe she is not a baby anymore. I asked her who was going to be my baby now that she is such a big girl and she told me that Cal will be my baby now. Heh. What is a mommy to do when her babies aren't babies any longer. And don't you dare suggest that I am supposed to have another baby, because we are done with that stage in our lives, but geeze, now am I just expected to look back in nostalgia? Or what?

My baby lost her first tooth

Look mommy


Clean break

Isn't it adorable (in that weird creepy way that a tooth falling out of one's mouth is adorable)

I ran to the old house today to recover our 5 gallon water jug that is only 10% full of money so that the tooth fairy will have something to put under her pillow tonight. I need to go scrouge through that sucker.


mamikaze said...

She is so proud of herself! how bittersweet when the little one grows passes those milestones. hang in there, mama. She will always be your baby :)

Julie said...

Oh your little one is the cutest.

I remember losing my teeth. The tooth fairy is AWESOME.

~Billie~ said...

Aww! She is so adorable... what an exciting and sad time all at once. She looks so proud, though. All grown up/

followthatdog said...

Aw, so sweet. What a milestone. She looks so proud of herself.

MarvelousMOM said...

I love missing teeth smiles! She is beautiful!