Friday, February 13, 2009

The One Where I Come Across as an Idiot, but I am Really Just an Unknowing Person and NOT an Idiot

I took my certification tests at work yesterday, and as it turns out, I still have a job. Whoopee! I can finally start making money, because when you are training to be a server what happens is this: You "follow" another server around. But really, when I say that you follow another server around, what I really mean, is that the other server lets you take all the orders, get all the drinks, run food, close checks, and everything in between. So, basically, I have been doing all the work for no pay. I have been working for another server's tips. So to finally be done with my training and ready to move out onto the floor all by myself, well, that is just plain exciting. I am going to be actually working for my own tips. Wheeee!

Last night, after work, I thought to myself, well since I have no kids right now and a big empty Tahoe, I guess I should swing by the old house and pick up some random crap that has been left behind (trust me, there is still lots of random crap). I pull up to the house and I am instantly thinking, "Huh. That is weird, I could have sworn we have been leaving the porch light on."

I put the truck in park anyways, since I am about to pee my pants, I go up to the house, unlock the door, I try to switch on the lights and BAM nothing happens. NOTHING.

The house remained PITCH BLACK!

Awww, crap. I am about to pee my pants at this point, and since I have the bladder of a 2 year old (or 80 year old, take your pick) I have no other option but to go inside.

So here I am, a 30 year old woman...swinging my leg around kung-fu style, making sure there is nothing in my way, because even though I know that house like I know the back of my hand, I had no idea if there were boxes in front of me or not. I am yelling (which really only sounds like yelling, but it is more like talking, but the house is mostly empty, so it is echoing), "There better not be any squatters in here." And basically acting wimpy. It is awesome.

I made it to the bathroom, still swinging the whole way, and this is the part where I think it would be funny to tell you that I fell into the toilet because someone left the seat up, but that did not happen, I am not that dense, I did actually feel to know that I had to put the seat down.

Soooo, I am talking to the hubs about an hour later while he is driving home from work. I say, "Oh, apparently when you tell PG&E that you are moving and you ask them to turn off your power, they actually DO IT." And I proceed to tell him my story that I just told you.

His response..."Yeahhhhh, about thaaaaat."

Apparently when he was unhooking the dishwasher on Wednesday he turned off the power on the breaker. And PG&E does not handle our lights, that is SMUD. PG&E is gas. So you can imagine how funny he thought my story was...

He actually asked me if I used my cell phone as a flashlight.

I swear I am not stupid, but it was in the truck, and if I had even thought about doing that, that would mean I would have had to walk all the way back to the truck. Did I mention that I had to peeeeeee?

Anyways, when I was thinking about writing this post last night, I was going to title it something like, "When you tell PG&E to turn off your power, they take you seriously". But since Big Daddy explained everything to me, well that would just sound stupid now, wouldn't it?


Most of the house is unpacked, and I am done studying for work stuff, so I am slowly catching up on my blog reading. I have also been painting my breakfast nooky area, and there is going to be a photo blog about that coming up. Believe me, it deserves it's own post...


MarvelousMOM said...

I hated training as a server! How do the people training you feel ok keeping the tip money when they did jack shit!? Oh well. At least now you will be making money!

Your story cracks me up. I always use my cell phone as a flash light when it's dark. And you are super brave. I NEVER, never, never, never would have gone into the house with it being dark. I would have peed my pants from being scared and been better off peeing outside and dripping dry!!!

Ellie said...

cute bloggy background! I just wanted to let you know that I have returned from Mars!

~Billie~ said...

HAHAHA!! You crack me up!
That totally sucks that you didn't even get to keep part of their tips. Doesn't seem right...
Can't wait to see pics of the breakfast area!

Ellie said...

Hiya there! I am tagging you! Please check out my blog for the details. thanks. :)

Rachel said...

I cannot wait until you post pics. Funny story. You should not feel stupid at all. Glad you did not pee in your pants.