Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The One With The Uncensored Peek Into My Life

My kids went off track from school on the 5th of February.

They have been driving me berserk since that day!

Let's add in the fact that it has been raining for about a week...straight.


What you are about to see has been happening every day.

Granted, there are good moments, too, like when they play hide and seek 400 times a day and Cal always hides in the same spot. Every. Time. And Riss spends 15 minutes looking for him, then he gets bored from sitting in the same spot, so he goes to switch spots and that is when she finds him. That part is entertaining!

But this. This is just annoying.


The Fishers said...

I love how you can see the boy's crack when he gets up off the couch. I can totally relate to the hide and seek game. The oldest has to play with me because the youngest is too young, and the oldest hides in the exact same spot I just hid in every single time. I have to pretend not to find her and she thinks it's hilarious.

Grandy said...

Shoot!! The computer won't show me this. DANG IT!! I will have to come back when I have my laptop back.

Julie said...

Does this behavior have anything to do with the chocolate I sent them???


MarvelousMOM said...

hahahahaah...oh dear...

~Billie~ said...

LOL! Too funny!
My kids don't get the whole Hide n' Seek thing. They wait for less than a minute then come looking for the seeker.

mommymommyland said...

Um, why aren't you trying to stop them??? What I do when my kids get rambunctious is give them something constructive to do like clean or shovel something!!!

Don't worry they'll go back to school soon!!!

Mrs. F said...

Lisa~ Haha, that crack is his trademark. You can almost always see it if his shirt is too short.

Grandy~ Don't get too excited, it just an example of my horrible parenting.

Julie~ Sadly, they were sugar free when I taped this, this is pretty much the same as a sugar reaction, though, LOL.

MarvelousMom~ Oh dear, indeed.

Billie~ My kids are just starting to be able to play hide and seek with each other. It works better when both kids can count, too.

Mommymommyland~ Today I am going to make them be a little more productive. I don't know how yet, but I am. Soon enough can not come fast enough! :)

Rachel said...

I guess I have a lot of fun to look forward to. hahahahaha. The place looks great!

Misguided Mommy said...

this looks a lot like my house!

Mrs. F said...

Rachel~ Yes, my kids are about the same age difference as yours (although my sister in law SWEARS that age difference doesn't really matter, as her 13 year old and 4 year old fight a LOT, too).

Misguided Mommy~ You always know how to make me feel better. :)

Robin Costello said...

I remember those days. They are so cute and having so much fun. It's a really sweet video.

Grandy said...

This is where you insert, "bless their heart" comment... right? ;)