Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Photo Blog About Painting and I am Making You Look at it, Because This Took Me A Whole Week To Do, So There

All right folks, I know you have all been anticipating the arrival of this post.

What? You haven't?

Oh, well maybe I have just been anticipating being able to write this post, because that would mean that I was finally done painting the damn dining room.

I believe you recall me showing you a picture of the room before we moved in here, and asking what color you all thought I should paint the room to cover up the taxi-cab/school bus/big-bird-exploded-in-here yellow paint.

So I decided to go with pink. (Which NO ONE suggested)

You likey?

What do you mean it reminds you of a child's bedroom?

I think it is purrrrty

OK, I was kidding, that was primer.
I made it red. This is after one coat.

After two coats of paint.

After three coats of paint.

After deciding that is was taking too much effort I decided to go to Home Depot. The nice man there pointed out the little cross next to the name of the paint.
He explained to me that when I see that cross I need to understand that is is going to take a couple of coats, per the stupid disclaimer on the back of the paint sample.

Four coats of paint and a second trip to Home Dep0t later and I am finally declaring it done.

Pretty, huh!

Probably should have swept the floor, but I was too excited to post this than to bother with that piddly stuff.

Big Daddy has been calling me 'Red' for about four days now. I don't know why. It's not like I had paint on my hair or my skin or my clothes, or anything, really. Heh.

I started this project a week ago and I finally got to remove the tape from around the edges this morning and I just got done hanging stuff up in there. I love, love, love it. And even if I did not love it, I would still pretend like I did love it, because there is no way on G0d's green Earth that I am painting over it now. No way, no how!

The one person that said red, when I originally asked in the other post, was Steph, aka MarvelousMOM, if there was a prize for guessing, she would have won. Alas, there is no prize, so sorry.


I'm out. I have a cake in the oven for Big Daddy and I need to go finish tidying the house.


Misguided Mommy said...

i love love love red. my old kitchen was a red just like that. we had the same primer and what not too! phooey now i miss red in my house!

~Billie~ said...

I was a little worried there for a second! Pink?!? LOL!
LOVE the red, though! Great pick!

Rachel said...

It is so nice. I love the dining room and the pink room for your little one. Adorable! I am so impressed.

The Fishers said...

at first it looked like pink and orange and you had me worried. But I really like it. I just need to make sure my husband doesn't ever read this because he's already hesitant about me painting any of the other rooms in our house and this would definitely lead him to say no way no how.
great job.

MarvelousMOM said...

I'm awesome like that!!!! :) Kidding. It looks awesome. Just the color I had invisioned. It looks beautiful!