Friday, March 6, 2009

Five year Olds Are Put On This Earth To Teach Us A Lesson. Or Something.

My brother watched the kids today while I was at work, which is basically awesome, because it was the first time he has watched them in a really long time. (Like since me and two of my girlfriends drove down to San Diego and had him come to our hotel so we could ditch him with the kids. Riss was 8 months old.)

Upon my arrival home he had a couple things to report. Miss Riss had a couple of minor run ins with inanimate objects (walls and doorknobs) (completely normal), and that my mirror is now nailed to my wall. And the hammer is on a really high shelf.

I should have known that was going to happen, after all, I did leave the hammer right next to the mirror...


Two nights ago Riss came to me and told me that the mirror fell off the wall. The mirror was nailed in at all four corners, and stuck in the wall pretty sturdily.

Or so I thought.

Oh the things a five year old can teach you.

So here was her story: " I was laying on your bed and the mirror started shaking (she starts shaking her arms violently to reenact what she saw) and then it just fell."

Uh, ok.

I question her some more, because, of course, I highly doubt that this is what really happened...

But her story remains rock solid.

She is not wavering at all.

She was laying in my bed and it started shaking, then it just fell.

OK, fine.

I walk away, as she simply exasperates me.

Later that night I am standing in my room and something on the mirror catches my eye.

A perfectly round circle.

Anyone dare to take a guess at what left that perfectly round mark on my mirror?

Anyone at all?


Then I will just come out and tell you that I have found this particular household helper laying around the house in pretty random places lately.


Are you barfing in your mouth yet?

So today while my brother was in the living room he heard a banging noise coming from my bedroom and upon further inspection a pretty little five year old terrorist, helping?...feeling a bit guilty?...nailing my mirror back onto my wall, in its exact position that it was in--leaning against the wall a few inches away on the bottom.

Raising children is just one big lesson. On what, I am not sure. Maybe a lesson on what NOT to do next time. Maybe that is why people have more and more children...for do-overs. The last child is bound to have a close-to-perfect parent, no?

Note to self...hammers belong in the garage, not your bedroom.

***I realize that I am pretty much the best mom in the world for taking the time to run and get my camera when I discovered that my daughter had suctioned the toilet plunger to her belly. Really. Best. Mom. Ever.


mommymommyland said...

Ah, life with kids!!!

~Billie~ said...

Oh my! TOo funny. Plunger... eww!
Hey, she was trying to help... LOL!

Vic said...

*** I would've done exactly the same.

~Billie~ said...

Your tagged! See my blog to pick up your award. =)

Grandy said...

I'm loving the plunger look (and secretly trying to forget where that part of it is supposed to go).

Wonder how long til your brother babysits again? ;)

Rachel said...

I have so much to look forward to. LOL