Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Drunken Irishmen's Day

Alright, alright, I know I just posted a whole blog dedicated to the Leprechaun Trap, but that was a re-post of last year's trap from when Cal was in Kindergarten.

Riss is in Kindergarten and she, too, had to do a Leprechaun Trap. So you get yet another post about Leprechaun Traps.

Yay. I know.

First I am going to give you a list of our supplies:
~Shoe box from Daddy-sized shoes, free
~Metallic green wrapping paper, $1 at the Dollar tree
~Shirt box, found in garage with my wrapping crap
~Bamboo sticks, from my kitchen drawer, normally used for kabobbing
~Wooden circles, "Woodsies", $3.39 at Michael's
~Metallic Gold Paint, $0.89 at Michael's
~Wooden circle box that opens (for lack of better words), $1.99 at Michael's
~2 pieces of green foam paper, $0.59 each at Joann's
~1 piece of green felt, $0.25 at Joann's
~Shamrock confetti, $1.99 at Joann's
~Shamrock wire stuff, $1 at the dollar tree
~Glitter Glue Sticks, $1 at the dollar tree
~Black paint that I found in the garage
~Box cutter, or razor blade

The first thing we did was wrap the shoe box in the wrapping paper.
I then cut a small 3 sided hole in the top of the box as the "trap" for when the Leprechaun tried to get to the gold. We glued on about a gazillion pieces of shamrock confetti, then wrapped the wirey shamrock stuff around the outside of the box.

I found it impossible to find gold coins in any store in the area, so I finally gave up looking for them and I bought the little "woodsies" at Michaels. Putting chocolate coins would have been frowned upon, since chocolate draws the attention of ants and Kindergartner's do not want ants in their classroom. (Just so you know, for future reference.) We painted the woodsies gold on one side, let them dry, then turned them over and painted them on the other side. While we were waiting for them to dry on the first side I painted the cicle box thingy black, using the Behr paint, since it was what I had on hand.

After all the paint had dried we glued the circular box thingy to the top of our wrapped shoe box, then we threw in all the gold.

It took me a while to decided what material to make the bridge/rainbow out of. I wanted it to be sturdy, but not wood. In the end I probably would have used a cardboard box, but I ended up using a shirt box. I cut out the rainbow shape and let Riss color the rainbow.
For the bridge part I used a piece of green foam paper and taped it in the middle of the two pieces of colored in shirt box, aka rainbow.

We glued cut up pieces of bamboo sticks on to the foam paper bridge so that the Leprechaun would have some steps to walk up, otherwise it would have just been a foam slide. Heh.

We were having a hard time getting the rainbow to stand up straight, so, as with most bridges, we had to use some leverage, and we added bamboo sticks to the top to get it to stand up straight, this is why I say that I would have preferred to use a cardboard box.

Next we made the sign, as to entice the little Leprechaun up the bridge and to the end of the rainbow. "Free Gold", it says, because really, who doesn't love free gold?

The goal is that the Leprechaun walks up to the pot of gold, in all his greed, and falls through the hole and gets stuck in the box.

We went to class this morning, and, unfortunately, we did not catch a leprechaun. He did, however, leave a piece of candy, letting us know that he had been there.

Maybe next time!

I told her to smile and I got this...

We tried for another smile and she gave me this...

That is better!

Our sign...

Showing off her hard work in class...
Just remember that each Leprechaun Trap is unique and special in it's own way, this is just our idea of how to catch a leprechaun.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!


Rachel said...

Looks like you had a great day! Any drinking involved? hahahah. Not the kids of course..

~Billie~ said...

So cute!! She looks so proud of it too. =)