Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Let's Talk About Controlling Birth, Yo!

Alternate Title: TMI, Look Away Or Keep Reading. Either Way, You Have Been Warned.

Nearly five years ago I did my research, made an appointment, and dragged my a$$ down to the local Planned Parenthood. After talking with the nurse at the clinic, we decided that I would have a Mirena IUD inserted for maximum birth control protection. Superhubs and I were not ready to decide if our family was complete, our baby was less than a year old, but we weren't too keen on using condoms. That is how we got baby number two, after all.

At my one month check up the nurse asked me how I was doing with the IUD. I was fine, but I had some concerns about my mood swings. She assured me that there was nothing to worry about, that the Mirena surely was not causing the mood swings. [[[I am such an idiot.]]] I never really thought about it again. So basically, for the past four and a half years I have been irrational, moody, and unable to lose weight (among other things, but basically, a real joy to be around!). I have gained a ton of weight since having the IUD inserted, about 80 pounds. At first I thought the weight was the direct result of going spoon for spoon in an ice cream eating, beer guzzling challenge with the hubs. The only problem with that theory, however, is that I have tried extensively, and continuously, to take the weight off. It just is NOT working.

The other day one of my very good friends, a 28 year old non-smoker, was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with blood clots in her lungs, a side effect of Yasmin birth control pills usually reserved for women over the age of 35 who smoke.

This got me worried so I googled some of the side effects of Mirena IUD, mind you, my nurse assured me that there were NO side effects, and found lists a mile long, as well as petitions for the maker of Mirena to include all side effects in the patient pamphlet.

So that got me to thinking. Of how desperately I want this tiny piece of silicone removed from my body. I can not believe I have had something so toxic inside of me for so long and not really known just how much havoc it is wreaking on my body (Come to think of it, I should have known how unhealthy this BC is, I get my monthly visitor about once a year, for one hour...that can NOT possibly be good for me!). I have decided that my body is convinced that it is pregnant, and it is storing up the weight for the baby (I am NOT pregnant, I PROMISE)!

So what next? I am not getting another IUD put in. I am NOT willing to bear any more children, my loin is locked down. I will not use Yasmin (duh!), nor will I use Nuva Ring (I know of a 22 year old mother who died from a stroke while using Nuva Ring...). We conceived a child while faithfully using condoms.

I have only 4 short months left to have this device inside of me (it has a 5 year *um, what is the word I am looking for?* shelf life) and quite frankly it seems like there is only one option left *gives the hubs the puppy dog face and refers him to several websites*

So what about y'all? When you decide your family is complete are you going to refer your husband to the doctor, or are you going to take care of that end of the spectrum? What kind of birth control do you currently use, if any?


Vic said...

I had the Mirena put in a few months after the boy was born and I loved it - my abnormally heavy periods became much lighter and shorter, less frequent. Y'know, all was wonderful. Except the weight gain and the fact that I couldn't shift it.
And then I had the thing taken out and boy were those mood swings bad. Bad enough to make me think that maybe the meds weren't working and perhaps I should considering checking myself into the nearest hospital. It's taken three months, but things are finally settling down. I wouldn't go back there again though. When the family's complete, the husband will be heading straight off for the snip!

~Billie~ said...

We are using condoms until the summer... when school is over and he has time to see a doctor. I gave birth. He can deal with a little snip, snip. =)
I tried the shot... cannot think of the name right now... and thought I was going to die! Moodswings from hell, would NOT stop bleeding for 3 months. Nightly migraines. It was horrible.
Best of luck!

The Fishers said...

oh dear. I had the Mirena after No. 1 and I loved it. No weight gain, no mood swings, no periods after a few months. It was great. Can't take usual pills because of my heart. After baby No. 2 we're using various methods and when we know we're all said and done, he's definitely seeing the doctor. I don't know if he knows it yet:) Maybe we should talk about it...

The JNJ Hasleton's said...

Get the other IUD. Don't remember what the name is, which is odd since I just got it again for the second time. Love it. Got pregnant on the pill & with condoms. IUD has seemed to be the only thing that works besides the whole abstinence option (yeah right!)

But when we are done, he's getting the snip. I just need to talk him into it.

The JNJ Hasleton's said...

Paraguard, that's the name.

Had to look it up. No hormones. I saw a sister in law go crazy on the Mirena. No thanks, I'm already crazy enough!