Friday, April 3, 2009


Peekaroo, or "CreepyPoo"?

You be the judge.

Would you carry your tiny tot around in this thing?

Reminder: I am about to hit my 1000th blog comment. The 1000th commenter gets a prize, although, I have not decided what it is going to be just yet.

The winner of my little giveaway is JNJHasleton, aka Jennifer. Congratulations, J!

Thanks to all of you who helped me hit 1000 comments today!! You guys are all awesome and you make me want to blog more. (I heart comments. I am kinda attention whorish like that.)


Meghan Smith (Fowler) said...

HOLY COW -- that thing is HORRIBLE! I Would NEVER wear that, nor would I think a kid be comfortable in it.. Crazy

~Billie~ said...

Holy freakin crap! That is scary!! Looks like something you'd find in a horror movie.

The Fishers said...

Creepy. did I win???

Misguided Mommy said...

hellllllllllll NO

The JNJ Hasleton's said...

Heck no! No offense to those who use it, but you have issues! Congrats on the comment status. How do you know how many you have??

Elizabeth said...

That is the single most freaky thing I have ever EVER seen.

Grandy said...

I vote CREEPY-CRAP!! That is 10 steps higher than creepy-poo. ;)

Mrs. F said...

Meghan, I can't imagine either of my kids being happy in that.

Billie, I know, right!

The Fishers, I know. And no. Dork.

Misguided, Agree!

JNJHasleton, I keep all my blog comments in their own folder in my inbox.

Elizabeth~ Can you imagine seeing someone using one in real life??

Grandy~ Word up!!

Aimee said...

um, that's super creepy! I wouldn't even keep the puppy in there. :D