Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

In this post I asked you all to guess how many lingering receipts I had in my purse.

The answer: 35

The person who guessed the closest to 35 was Billie, of, who said:

"Ooo!! Love the new purses! Totally cute.
I thought my purse was stuffed! Too funny!

I'm going to guess 37 recipts!"

Congratulations, Billie, your $10 gift card will be on it's way to you as soon as I get your info!!

Thanks to everyone who played along!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Oh My Holy Heck, Y'all

I just got done watching Twilight, you know, the wildly popular movie based on the books by Stephanie Meyer.

Oh mah freaking gawd, y'all.

I finally get it!

I understand why you all went crazy months ago (and I was making fun of you), giddy with love for Edward.

As soon as the credits started rolling I announced to the hubs that I am going to get the book, first thing in the morning.

So if I go AWOL for a while, you will know why.

I will be lost in a book. Or four.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

We Lived Extra Large Last Night---Well, Our Tummies Did, Anyway

I get my sneaky from my Mother. She gave me this for Mother's Day, which is awesome, since I did not have a hand mixer, but always needed one.

She, however, told me not to open the box because there was something else inside and she did not want my step-dad to see it**.

I get home and open the box to find two gift cards to Macy's. Yay! My favorite store. This is awesome. I need some new summer tops, some capri's, some moisturizer, and, you know, a bunch of other crap that I certainly can't can live without...

The next day I am rifling through the cupboards looking for what I am going to prepare for dinner. I find a box of tempura batter, look at the hubs and announce that we need a fryer. He agrees with me, and within 20 minutes I am out the door and headed to Macy's to spend my gift cards. On something that was totally only on my list of things I wanted for what? 15 minutes?

So here it is: The Cool Daddy. I feel like this would have made a better Father's Day present. I'm just sayin'.

I cut up some chicken, rolled it around in the tempura batter, fried it up. As well as the green beans. And yeah. Tempura is not my favorite. So I covered the rest of it in tempura, plus panko bread crumbs. And pepper. And yummmm.

I mean really. Yummmmm.

These? Were bland.

Oh look, I pretended like we were eating a healthy meal. Heh. (Because fried chicken is somehow healthier when you throw it on top of a salad, no?)

And we washed it all down with this strawberry shortcake, which the kids helped me make. It turned out divine.

There is no moral of the story, but I am putting the fryer away in the darkest corner of my cupboards that I can find. It is for special occasions only. Oh, and for when I get a craving for pepper poppers. You know?

So tell me. What has been one of your stupidest impulse purchases?

**I started giggling maniacally and told her that I had one more present for her stashed away at home, but could not bring it over, because I did not want the hubs to see that I bought it. Hehee. (What? I get it from my mother, I tell you!)

PS I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day, whether it was on Sunday or whenever you celebrated it (We celebrated on Monday). OK, I hope you at least were appreciated/let your mother figure know just how much you appreciate her. Cause that is what it is really all about (not the gifts)...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

If You Give A Dog A Bone...Wait. What?

Both of my kids have special "tricks" that they can do.

You know, kinda like dogs.

I ask them to do their tricks, then I give them a treat. It works for us.

I finally caught them on camera.

Cal has been doing this weird/creepy laugh for a few years now, and I think it is HILARIOUS:

Aside from the weird tongue twisting things Miss Riss can do, she also does this noise with her tongue. It gets a bit weirder, but this was all she would let me capture:

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lets Play A Game

A few months ago we were challenged by the MisguidedMommy to photograph what is in our purses.

I figured there is no time like the present to do it. And by present I mean: My kids got me two new purses for Mother's Day and I switched to the new purse already (they insisted!).

Old purse:

New (Fossil) purse:

Other new purse (Kathy Van Zeeland) that I am not using yet:

Junk that was in my purse when I dumped it out on the table:

Organized junk, for your viewing pleasure:

What is it?

  • $20.16 randomly floating around
  • Seven pens
  • Yellow highlighter
  • White-out pen
  • Comb
  • Two toothbrushes
  • Two toothpaste tubes
  • Vaseline hand lotion
  • Bath and body works spray
  • Two tubes of Burt's Bees lip stuff
  • One tube of Bare Escentuals Buxom in Dolly
  • Pur minerals face powder
  • Clear nail polish
  • Two sets of tweezers
  • Six bobby pins
  • Two clips
  • Two hair rubber bands
  • Makeup brush
  • Brown liquid eyeliner
  • Lipstick that I haven't used for over a year
  • Two packets of Neosporin
  • Almost empty bottle of Excedrin
  • Some acne medicine that my mom gave me because my little brother won't use it because it dries his face out. (Like I want my face to dry out?!?!?!?!)
  • Two necklaces, both made by my mom
  • Two packs of matches
  • One lighter
  • My wallet
  • Coasters from my work
  • Bottomless button from my work
  • A key chain medallion from the Hubs work
  • Two pedometers
  • (4) 3-day passes to Disneyland
  • Hotel key from the Suites at Fisherman's Wharf
  • Paint sample paper
  • Build a bear club card
  • Two of my old boss' business cards
  • Nintendo DS flier that looks like an actual DS
  • $50 gift certificate to "Brew It Up" that I bought from for $4
  • Doctor receipt
  • Pay check stub
  • Paper from the kids school with their numbers on it so I can pay for their lunches online
  • SVC paper telling us how much they were giving us for "updating"
  • Green foam paper for in between my flip flops if they hurt my toes
  • red thing from my old purse that held the string together or something

And now for a guessing game/giveaway: How many receipts did I have in my purse? The one who comes the closest gets a $10 gift card...C'mon. Get your guess on, yo!

P.S. You should do this, too!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We Went to Tahoe and All I Got Is These Handmade Drawings

Monday was a minimum day for the kids at school, and despite the weather predictions in Tahoe we decided to take a trip out there for the afternoon. The weather called for rain and wind. What we experienced was wind, not really much rain (until the sun started to go down). Oh, but there was snow on the ground...

So we drive out to the place that we were looking at to go camping at the end of the month, a place called DL Bliss State Park. We knew that the place was going to be closed, so we brought our bikes, so that we could bike down to the campgrounds to check it out.

[[[REMINDER: Riss just learned how to ride her bike last week!!!]]]

We get on our bikes and sneak around the gate. From the top of the hill it is hard to tell how far down the campground is, and it does not look like an extremely steep hill either.

So we start off biking and I instruct Riss to stay in the middle of the road, because while it was not visibly steep yet, it was downhill.

We start off and everything is seemingly fine. Here is the part that is a little fuzzy to me. I start flying down the hill at probably 40 MPH, and Hubs stays with the girl while Cal and I go ahead. At some point Riss gets off her bike and starts walking it. She is crying and frustrated, and basically hates the whole concept of biking by the time they catch up to us, about 10 minutes later...

We start to check out the campgrounds and I tell hubs he has to go down the road more to find the specific campsite he was looking for.

Riss is so hysterical at this point that I ask him for the keys to the Tahoe {It was at this exact moment that I realized my camera battery was dead, and that is why you get no pictures} and Riss and I head back up the hill. Walking our bikes, mind you.

Riss cries, almost continuously, the whole way up the hill back to the parking lot, only stopping a couple times to make fun of me for singing funky songs. She finally stopped crying when we had a visual of the gate, as that is when we knew that we were close to the truck. If there was anything to cry about, she pretty much covered it. Her legs hurt. She hates bike riding. She hates the camping place. She was cold. She was hot. My singing was awful. She was thirsty. She was hungry. I mean, really. I heard it all.

So we get up to the truck and we hung out in the warmth for about 30 minutes, then I decided that we should go look for the guys, because, deep on the inside, I am freaking out. Hubs had left his phone behind, and they should not have been that far behind us.

We start off, walking this time, down the road. We get about 1/4 of a mile down the hill when I see an animal on all fours. It took me a second to register exactly what it was in my brain, but as soon as I did realize that is was A BEAR we promptly turned around and high tailed it out of there. Even though I did not tell Miss Riss that I saw a bear, she sensed my fear and she started freaking out even MORE, as if that were possible.

We got back up to the gate and that is when I realized that it was unlocked. The two of us got in the Tahoe and pulled up to the gate. I got out to open the gate and these two girls were getting in to their car to leave, but they stopped me and asked if I was looking for the Dad and the little boy. I told them that yes, I was, and that is when they told me that they had seen them, and they were on their way back up the hill, but were pretty far back there. I thanked them, and as we stood there talking (I was telling them that I freaked out when I saw the bear, and they were like "WHAT BEAR???) within 30 seconds my men were in my sights.

We stood there talking to the nice girls for a little while longer, while the hubs was putting the bikes back on the rack, then we headed to town to get some pizza.

It was a good family day, but mostly, a horrible time. But fun. And horrible. And a little scary. Nice. Horrible. Scary. Nice.

The moral of this story is:
  • I am a paranoid freak (I thought one of my men had possible fallen off his bike and gotten seriously injured)
  • Bears are scary as hell
  • Don't take your 5 year old who has just learned how to ride a bike down to Tahoe to conquer a mountain. It does not make for a happy time for ANYONE!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Look Who Learned How To Ride A Bike

Big Daddy held on to her seat, he let go, she flipped out for a second, then kept on cycling. It was basically as simple as that, and now our whole family is mobile.

The hubs was so proud of her, so he decided we should go to Tahoe tomorrow and go for a bike ride. Unfortunately, I just checked the weather, and there is supposed to be rain, so maybe we will head out there next week.

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I was looking through the pictures that I just took of her and it quickly became evident that there is an obvious progression of irritation. She REALLY wanted me to stop taking pictures, apparently 5000 pictures is too many?

Totally happy

Kinda happy

Kinda annoyed

Really annoyed

And...She is DONE letting me photograph her!