Thursday, May 14, 2009

We Lived Extra Large Last Night---Well, Our Tummies Did, Anyway

I get my sneaky from my Mother. She gave me this for Mother's Day, which is awesome, since I did not have a hand mixer, but always needed one.

She, however, told me not to open the box because there was something else inside and she did not want my step-dad to see it**.

I get home and open the box to find two gift cards to Macy's. Yay! My favorite store. This is awesome. I need some new summer tops, some capri's, some moisturizer, and, you know, a bunch of other crap that I certainly can't can live without...

The next day I am rifling through the cupboards looking for what I am going to prepare for dinner. I find a box of tempura batter, look at the hubs and announce that we need a fryer. He agrees with me, and within 20 minutes I am out the door and headed to Macy's to spend my gift cards. On something that was totally only on my list of things I wanted for what? 15 minutes?

So here it is: The Cool Daddy. I feel like this would have made a better Father's Day present. I'm just sayin'.

I cut up some chicken, rolled it around in the tempura batter, fried it up. As well as the green beans. And yeah. Tempura is not my favorite. So I covered the rest of it in tempura, plus panko bread crumbs. And pepper. And yummmm.

I mean really. Yummmmm.

These? Were bland.

Oh look, I pretended like we were eating a healthy meal. Heh. (Because fried chicken is somehow healthier when you throw it on top of a salad, no?)

And we washed it all down with this strawberry shortcake, which the kids helped me make. It turned out divine.

There is no moral of the story, but I am putting the fryer away in the darkest corner of my cupboards that I can find. It is for special occasions only. Oh, and for when I get a craving for pepper poppers. You know?

So tell me. What has been one of your stupidest impulse purchases?

**I started giggling maniacally and told her that I had one more present for her stashed away at home, but could not bring it over, because I did not want the hubs to see that I bought it. Hehee. (What? I get it from my mother, I tell you!)

PS I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day, whether it was on Sunday or whenever you celebrated it (We celebrated on Monday). OK, I hope you at least were appreciated/let your mother figure know just how much you appreciate her. Cause that is what it is really all about (not the gifts)...


Aimee said...

wow, it's a good thing you went home early tonight - you had blogging to do! hehe.
It was fun hanging out - your kids are just too cute and funny. and you know me, I don't even really like kids. hahahahaha.

nisa said...

did you know they have cheddar poppers too? You can get them at Sonic and I've seen them at Walmart and the Schwan's man had them at least once. I've thought about getting a fryer but just couldn't bring myself to do it. If only it didn't take so much oil. I've heard that if you are going to deep fry something, a deep fryer is a healthier way to go than just using a pot.

mommymommyland said...

What??? You can not hide it away in a deep dark corner! It needs a proud counter all to itself! I loved my deep fryers. I have worn out 3 so far and I am in desperate need of a new one. They are great for homemade french fries a staple in our diet (usually since I am currently deepfryer less) and didn't you know if the oil is at the proper temperature very little fat is absorbed.

Mrs. F said...

Aimee~ Thanks. I will take that as a HUGE compliment!

Nisa~ Poppers were one of the few things I could indulge on when I was pregnant with Rissa, because they did not affect my blood sugar levels at all, and I had gestational diabetes. I am quite familiar with the cheddary poppers, too. Yummmmmmm!

Mommymommy~ Thanks for indulging me. :) I was actually not aware that the food would be even remotely healthier, I was just tired of getting my stove-top all messy from frying in a pan.

~Billie~ said...

Yumm!! Looks delicious!
I love poppers, but haven't thought about making them/frying them myself. We just buy the one's you pop in the oven. Fried one's sound so much better, though!
We impulse buy all the time. I'm sure that's why we are broke. LOL!

followthatdog said...

Next time you pull that baby out, make homemade donuts. They're sooooooooo good.

Julie said...

Must. Have. Recipe. For. Pepper. Poppers.

NOW! :)