Saturday, July 4, 2009

Live Nude Girls.

This morning the hubs and I had to go meet our friend downtown, so we could get our boy from her. He stayed the night with her and downtown Sac seemed like a good half way point.

We get the boy, and we are driving downtown.

As we pass the county jail we see a woman of my stature standing in front of the jail.

She has her hands on her hips.

And she is bootie butt naked.

It was quite reminiscent of a statue. She was standing so perfectly still.

"OH MAH FREAKING GAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed.

I explained to the hubs what I had just seen and ask him to turn the car around so that I can go back and get a picture of her.

Anyone who has ever driven in downtown Sacramento knows that it is not as simple as that, we actually have to drive all the way around a few city blocks in order to get back there.

By the time we got back she was already being arrested, and the cops had covered her body.

I was soooo bummed, because I was REALLY excited to finally have something to blog about!

So I am blogging about it anyways.

And here is your picture.

She is the second one from the left...