Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Poopy Patios

Tonight I had my BFF, Am, and her two kids over. We had gone swimming earlier in the day, then we retreated to my house for some dinner and a movie.

Am and I were in the kitchen preparing dinner, having a good time, and enjoying ourselves.

I went to go to my bedroom to retrieve my water bottle and noticed that my bedroom door was locked. Oh, bother.

Upon further inspection I found that all of the bedroom doors were locked, as well as the hallway bathroom. I went to the garage to get a mini-screwdriver, as that always seems to do the trick. I tried first on the hallway bathroom, to no avail. By this point we had kids lining up to go to the bathroom, so we did what any good parents would do: we sent them to the backyard to water the lawn.

Riss was outside with Am's boy and he comes in to inform us that "Riss is outside pooping".

Oh my dear lawd, she sure indeed was. She popped a squat right on my back patio and pooped.
A big fat nasty poop.

I'm not mad *deep cleansing breath*. I promise. I mean, how was she to know that she could have asked me and I would have taken her next door to use the restroom, really? *deep cleansing breath*

Kids are gross.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Nowhere Else To Start But Here

OK, y'all, I know I owe you quite a few posts. It is not like I have crawled into a whole and died after all. We have been quite busy, and the Casa de Mrs. F has been going through a lot of changes.

Let's start with a mommmmy-blog for today, OK? I am completely overwhelmed and this is the best place I know where to start. To brag on my kids.

The short people of the house went back to school on the 20th of last month. They started at a new school, on a new track system, and they get a chance to make new friends.

I think they are adjusting well, and their teachers are wonderful. They are attending one of the three Yellow ribbon elementary schools in the region, so I know that they have a good chance at becomin' rill smart, y'know.

I can't believe I am writing this post when they only have 8 days left until they go off-track, but I am. just. that. lazy. And just that addicted to facebook.

Cal is in 2nd grade now, and Riss is in 1st grade. Gosh, these babies sure are growing up supah fast!!

Skipping to class.

Father and son.

Ready to tackle a whole day of school.

I had to cover up his school logo on his shirt. Hence, the eyeball.

Hard at work in the first five minutes of class.

Sorry, my friends, I am going to try to be a better bloggy-buddy. Promise.