Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My First Time

Since I'm already here, I should just keep going.

I got my first tattoo last month.

It was just something wild and crazy that I was going to do on the 25th of September, to mark the start of my newly single life, but I drew it on my wrist, and I couldn't get it out of my head. I'm like that, once I decide to do something, I just go right on ahead and do it.

I knew exactly what I wanted, I have known for months, if not years. One night I went out with some girls from work to celebrate a birthday. The club that we went to stamped the inside of our wrists when we paid our cover charge. All night I kept looking at this blurry stamp of a high-heeled shoe, thinking about how much I loved it!

So, it was a Sunday, I was hanging out at home, and decided to google image the picture that I wanted. It is a sketch by Picasso, originally done in primary colors. As I was looking at the image on my computer I decided to see what it would look like on my wrist. Shortly thereafter, my BFF 'A' came over, encouraging me to get it done that day. I decided to take the kids to her house, since her boyfriend had made ceviche for dinner. We made an appointment at a parlor down the street from her house and I got it done that day.

In Italian, Paloma means 'dove'. I wanted to get this as a reminder to be myself, because sometimes I forget that, above all, I am free to be me.

I'm super happy I got it done. I absolutely love it, and find myself drawing pictures of things that I want to get done next.

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