Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rest In Peace, Dad

This morning started out relatively normal, with me waving my Mother of the Year Award high and proud. Unable to locate the boy's shoes, I allowed him to walk down the street to the neighbor's house to look for them. He found them in their back yard, soaking wet. We dropped the girl off at school, then headed to Kohls to buy some new shoes. Oh yeah, Cal was 30 minutes late to school because we were shoe shopping. That right there? A++ momming. Take notes.

I got home after dropping him off, then drove my neighbor across town to her job.
Then I got ready for the day and went to my own job.

When I got off work I picked the kids up from school and brought them home. I started making dinner, but not really knowing what I was going to make, so I just started throwing random food in to a pot. It started simmering and then I called to follow up on an interview of a job that I REALLY want. I was happy to find out that she had not yet picked someone, and that I would hear from her soon.

I got on facebook and started talking about the dinner I am making.

My phone rang then. It was my aunt.

Through her tears, I could barely understand her words, although I knew VERY WELL exactly what they were. My Dad died sometime today. His in-home worker was there late last night. And today a second in-home worker came in to his home and found him gone. They wouldn't allow my Aunt in to my Dad's home, so I am assuming that he was still there.

That is all I know, that is all that she was able to tell me.

So, to my Dad: May you rest in peace, wherever you may be. Love, your little girl

Gregory Francis Campi
February 23, 1947-October 14, 2010

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nisa said...

What a nice tribute to your dad. I am sorry for your loss. I know you will be with him again.