Sunday, July 17, 2011

On Weight Loss

Today I have started Phase 3 of a diet that I have been on for about 6 weeks. The HCG diet.

To some people it is quite controversial, so I refrained from saying anything on fb to avoid the criticism.

Yes, it is a 500 calorie diet.
No, I didn't feel awful every day. In fact, I felt wonderful.
No, I was never starving. The HCG regulates your body making you use up calories that are already stored in your body, or something.

I know that if I would have been more faithful to the diet I would have seen greater results, but as of today, I have lost 21 pounds. For now, my goal is to keep the weight off.

I am pretty sure that I will make another go-round on the diet. The thing that I struggled most with was all the summertime activities. Parties, weddings, camping, stuff like that! So I am going to take the rest of the summer off and start again after Labor Day.


The Bjurstrom Family said...

Good Job Paloma!!! It's so hard losing weight. I hope that you can keep it off. I don't know how you aren't hungry but that's great!!!

misguided mommy said...

um tell me about the hcg diet pleaes

Edu Kids said...

have a great time with our kids..playing together..more fun activity that will have same effect with diet program..^_^